Achieving Tier 1

Hi Gemmers,

I’m currently a level 72 who is interested in achieving tier 1 in PvP as soon as possible. I’m using Crude club, Alchemist, Ranger, and Enchantress at the moment. Is that a viable deck? With their current stats, it’s not, but I don’t want to commit resources to a crappy deck. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a deck that can get me to the top of the ladder? I really want to spend souls and get some traits but I don’t want to spend it on the wrong cards.

Below, I have listed all the legendaries and mythics I have, just so you can have that information.

Rare cards:
Forest Guardian
Shadow Dragon
Jotnar Stormshield

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Gorgotha is a good legendary, once you get him traited. Kerberos was a legendary that my friend used for many levels, because devour was the only way he could compete in higher level GW. It was still random though.

The team I used for many levels early game was Silvermaiden/Ranger/Ranger/Alchemist. Traits that are good to have are Ranger’s magic per yellow ally, Alchemist’s fire link, and Silvermaiden’s reduced skull damage. A replacement for silvermaiden would be Morthani’s Will, or your hero with a blue or purple weapon.

I used this team for many levels, probably to about the 150-175 mark. At that point I had gotten The Dragon Soul and Krystenax to drop so I could make a dragon team.

As for PvP Rank 1. At low level, it definitely took me longer as I could only really reliably defeat the 1 or 2 trophy battles. It’s still worth the time as the glory you get daily as well as the souls and glory keys you get each rank up help new players! Once you get higher up and can fight the 3 trophy battle, the process becomes quicker.

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Do you think the Silvermaiden/Ranger/Ranger/Alchemist is worth going all in on? As in, even if not now, eventually that combo is strong enough to hit tier 1?

That combo is strong enough to hit Rank 1 right now. It will lose strength as you start to level up. Getting the armored traits on Silvermaiden or Morthani’s Will would be tough now. For now you may just be better to have a blue or purple weapon on your hero (use a class where you can get more health as a perk).

As you move towards Rank 1, your battles won’t get harder. You just need to find a team to beat the 1 and 2 trophy battles. Double Ranger was good enough for me.

If you do go with that team, go with the banner from suncrest (+2 yellow, +1 green, -1 blue) and use a purple hero weapon.

@Tacet has a ridiculous number of videos covering almost every aspect of the game. There are a number of playlists that might interest you on his YouTube channel. Many of them on team ideas for all levels of play.


That’s the same team I was using on my second account before I got Draakulis.