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Achievers has two open slots on Xbox. Bracket 8 high end active guild looking for players who participate in all events.

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We just finished Guild Wars in 2nd place for Bracket 9. We are “God” level and have all of our sentinels maxed out. We complete team synergy every week and will likely complete legendary tasks every 10 weeks going forward.

We have a couple slots open for active players.
High level is great, but low level is fine too if you are willing to put in the work.
We are a good community guild and all get along with one another and support one another.

Have a couple slots open again for active players.
Guild members must participate in guild events.

Question, do you complete all epic task and events every week? I am currently high level 1300…most mythic troops. The guild I am in now is over 1 mil a week, and I have no problem doing more than that. I also participate in all events, and do about 2000 plus trophies a week.

The problem is my guild is moving more towards hardcore as they try to move into bracket 1. I have no problem playing Guild Wars, and I usually do good, but the guild I am now wants to move up and as such they are focusing hardcore on this part of the game. I am looking for something that still meets my gold and event participation, but does not come down on lower level (1000-1100) guild members who have a hard time in GW.

We are a bit more relaxed than your current guild.
Our event participation focus is fair share for any guild event.
Our Guild Wars is “do your battles”. We are currently floating between brackets 8 and 10. I don’t NEED to get higher as the rewards here are pretty good. I celebrate people who play their guild wars even if they go 0/5. Participation is the key.
We complete all of the primary tasks every week and typically 1-2 epic tasks. on week 10 Campaign we all push harder and compete both sets. As we grow we will likely hit epic task completion more frequently.
We are a friendly guild, just working to uplift each other’s games. We have offline chats for pet notifications, tower mapping, and event guidance.
We’d love to have you visit to see if it’s someplace you’d like to be.

Hello Nrthrnlad. Do you have any open spots in your guild currently? I am interested in joining. I’m currently level 175. I play every day and complete all of my tasks. I am willing to put in my share of work. Thanks!

We currently have 2 open slots and have cleared regular and epic tasks for the week. Working toward legendary tasks as we complete this campaign.

Invite code: JWX14_RSGS

if you are still looking for a guild on xbox contact thetotem31 he is at the l’ordre du chaos

Maybe make your own recruiting post or send a private message?

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We have two open slots as we head into Tower of Doom, an event we tend to dominate. For the last year we have been on global leaderboard for Tower of Doom, always clearing the reward track.

Once again we have two open slots. We just ranked 2nd in Bracket 8 in Guild Wars and are completing all events.
Primary requirement is regular guild event participation.

2 Slots open for active recruits. We are in the middle of Bracket 7 Guild Wars. We complete our events. We close all of the basic tasks every week and do legendary tasks every Campaign Week 10.

2 Slots open for active recruits. We were 2nd in Bracket 7 Guild War last month and continue to complete our events, our basic tasks, one weekly epic task, and our legendary tasks week every campaign week 10.