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Ace Attorney Trilogy FREE in iOS App Store... sort of

Just thought I would share…

I’ve seen a lot of gifs lately… wonder why? :thinking:

Heard good things about it, so, since the price is right, I thought I might check it out.

Try it with me!


It really isn’t though.


That’s odd, I downloaded and have access to the First game for free…

It does look like other games are for “In-app Purchase”.

I used the “Game of the Day” link on the App Homepage, maybe that makes a difference? :man_shrugging:

I bet you anything that after you play it for a bit, you’ll hit the “now buy the rest!” wall.

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After seeing that the whole thing was not unlocked, I expect the same… :frowning_face:

Title changed to reflect more accurate infos. :wink:

haha i jumped right in to see if it was true, downloaded the game and realised i had already unlocked everything and played through! :rofl:
what a great time i had though…

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I wondered why too, and I was a big Ace Attorney fan on my Nintendo DS; years ago lol.

Oh, and official @Saltypatra is jealous moment.

I got to play in a real empty court room. Phoenix Wright style.
Over ruled!
Real gavel slamming (tapping)

But that was with evil mean ex-wife and not wonderful new australian wife. And evil mean wife probably called me an … while doing it lol