Account sale or Guild Master rank transfer

Hello. I would like to ask, there is any chance to sell an account? My problem is, im a guild master with many good guild members, but i would like to stop the game. i would like to transfer My Guild Master position to one of My guild member,Who still play a lot or sell my account to someone Who wants to play. The question is, is it legal to sell my account? or there is any chance to transfer my Guild Master rank to one of My guild Member?

The more important aspect is that you can’t transfer ownership. You can allow someone else to play your account by handing out your password, you can still deny access any time afterwards. Anybody “buying” an account might eventually find themselves locked out.

Demote yourself from first rank to second rank, then someone from second rank can move up to first rank.

You can definitely transfer guild ownership, its in there somewhere. The longstanding issue has been absent guildmasters and people needing to get support to do the swap.

Account ownership, not so much, but no need to worry about that because you don’t need to do that for your guild to remain intact.

Now, when a guild leader is gone for 21 days, and their name is greyed out (with zzz next to their name), someone’s in the next lower rank grouping can demote the guild leader, and promote themself to guild leader. If all rank groupings are inactive (dead guild), and the recruiting is not set to invite only, anyone can join and take over the guild by promoting themselves to rank 2, demote the guild leader, and promote self to guild leader. Developer support not needed anymore.

Selling an account would be a bad idea. If it’s discovered, the account will get banned.

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Imo (and I’m a little off-topic, here), Guilds should automatically switch to ‘Invite-Only’ if this happens to prevent that.

Realistically, I think all guilds should have automatically switched to ‘Invite-Only’ when the change was rolled out (opt-in rather than opt-out, in a largely unaware community).

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How many members doesvyour guild have?

Selling the accounts on console is easy (console user tend to usually create multiple accounts with fake info) two way selling the inventory by trading if its existing or the accounts itself but then it must be an account not associated with any of your personal info.
BUT Not Allowed by devs so it happens in Dark :wink: