Account lost when trying to link my account

I was attempting to link my account to my mobile device and everything appears to have been lost. I was level 1027. Please help.

[Lyya: removed boilerplate text and PII.]

Especially since you put some personal information in this post (that you shouldn’t have), this is one of those things that should be on Zendesk support, not the forums.

But I can’t blame you for being confused, because Zendesk does everything it can to try and make it sound like you should never post tickets there.

For right now, if I were you, I’d edit my email address out of this post (and all other personal information, someone could use it to steal your account!) and post the support request here:

Agreed. I’ve removed the PII from the post. OP, please open a ticket by following @Slypenslyde ‘s link.

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Thank you for correcting my posting mistake

I think I’ve gone through all the account tickets, did you get yours sorted?

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