Account deletion best change in a long time

I’ve been playing for almost 6 years and this isn’t the game I loved from a few years ago. Everything has changed for the worst. Arena once my favourite mode in the game was destroyed with the lazy rework swapping heros for epic troops. GW has been ruined by empowered converters making it so a battle isn’t even winnable if you start with a bad board. New kingdoms are around just to make money off the kingdom pass. Shrines are just there for money so people can gamble and hope to get a good orb and to suck more people in to paying major orbs can be power orbs and of course that change was only made when you could buy orbs with real money. The biggest problem of all the lack of variety in PvP still hasn’t been fixed because there is no money to be made off of it. The best feature added in the last few years is the account deletion. I’m done hoping for good changes that make the game what I use to love. In 20 days my account will be gone and I will be done with GoW forever. I would do it sooner but the devs are desperate for people to not delete their accounts so they make you wait 20 days and give a pop up everyday hoping you will change your mind.


Oh no! Anyway


Well if you wanna delete it sooner just delete the app. Or dont log in for 20 days


Damn right. GW I used to love but empowerment killed it. The last bastion of competition destroyed. Embarrassingly bad game development.


If they were desperate… why would they make it easier with the last patch? o.O

I agree with you. I like the arena before than what we have today. How about donating your account to Hoguns as an alt? I think that’s what I am going to do in case I finally decided to quit.

I am sorry to hear this - I have only been playing for less than a year so cannot compare to how the game used to be. However I must say I don’t think any game has the ability to keep me around for 6 whole years! That says quite a lot about how amazing the game is.

Also I think for the developers to keep adding new content for so many years must be one difficult task! I have seen people here complain that some of the new troops are useless, yet if they add a very powerful troop then again people complain the troop is overpowered and it has spoiled the game. And if they stop adding new content altogether then there is nothing more to do for older players.


Tries to delete account - still logs in everyday.


Wait what. Do you have to log in for 20 days in a row to confirm that you DO want to delete your account or is this just some reminder ‘Hey, you’re about to delete your account’?

No need to log in, it just starts the countdown timer so you can change your mind.


This haha😁


Don’t delete when you leave, walk and leave a graveyard account to clutter their useless servers. A game that long lost respect doesnt deserve players taking a dignified exit- leave a mess behind equivalent to the mess they created- like to like.

I agree on one major point of the OP…double empowered book defend teams can be beaten very easily …unless you get a bad board…and then there is nothing you can do…nothing . The game needs so badly to have a hard counter to empowered…I’m in a top 15 guild on Xbox and the whole guild has given up even doing GW…

That being said I hope everyone who deletes their accounts also delete their forum access…this forum feels like a Hallmark movie of the week at times …

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I do not understand? Why do people not play GW anymore? Which troops are the problem with being too empowered? And are you saying the Doomed books are useless?

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@RiverWarlock, i think they mean that book defense teams are too difficult to beat and are too plentiful in the higher brackets

That’s not what he said.

Get rid of empowered in gws and bring back more skill than luck and I’m all in. I don’t want to hear about using your own empowered to counter the opponent’s because it still comes down to starting board. For example, I can counter Moon Rabbit’s yellow and not have alignment and leave a ton of extra turns on the new color for the opponent or not cast mine and let Moon Rabbit go nuts…not really a counter. In these battles, it comes down to luck, not skill…boring.

Besides, the rewards suck unless you’re in the top 3 of br 1, so not worth the frustration. I’ll get more gems from hourly tribute in one day than from this week-long event.


Ah okay, i see now. Thanks for clearing that up