Aby or 2nd Pharos?


Hi all!
I have enough diamonds to craft a mythic and I have the essentials. I am missing, War, Gargantaur, Aby, Doomclaw, Wulfgarok, Stonehammer, Xathenos.

I would like to go for Abyssinia when she’s next available, but seeing that Pharos is in the list this week shall I craft a second copy for soul farming? What do you guys think?
Note that I am still farming to craft dawnbringer and i’m 600k short. Thanks


Hey Goodwill @Vasilisk,
I would go with a 2nd Pharos if I was you.
Souls have been very important lately and there will come more Mythic weapons as well.
You can wait with Aby.


That’s a tough one. I use Abby in GW a lot, but Skadi would be a pretty good replacement and uses the same colors, and you’ve already got her. I’m focused on trying to complete my collection and the soulforge is the only realistic way to do that, so if it were me, I’d be collecting new mythics rather than getting a second copy of one I already have. If you’re really focused on getting DB, then that might trump anything else.


Stan is indirectly saying here that it depends on what you are, are you a collector or are you just one that wants to relax and focusing getting the Mythic weapons faster for a better PvP experience? Next Mythic weapon might come soon, and it will most likely be expensive as well as useful too.


Yes. Also, GW is going to be a lot less important very soon, so I’m starting to discount the importance of troops that I would only, or mainly, use there. We still have no idea what might be useful in the other 2 weeks.

I’m also not a big soul-farmer, so I don’t have a gauge on how much a second Pharos would help. I barely use the one I’ve got since I’m focused on other things right now.


You see now what I’m divided and can’t make my mind up! :slight_smile:
I think I will try to make my life easier and get the Pharos to maximise collection, that’s what my logic was telling me as well! Thank you guys for the speedy reponse! Nice to see you again @Eika


what’s better than pharos?

2 pharos!


Do you have Dawnbringer? If no. Then another Pharos.
If yes… Then craft whatever makes you happy. But if you don’t NEED them. Then wait until you have 8k diamonds before you craft a mythic that you want for collecting purposes.