Abusive Warning

Please explain this screenshot

Because the only message I post on chat is a recruitment message for my guild:
“KCVKCV recrute ! Si tu aimes le challenge et la bonne humeur, KCVKCV est fait pour toi. Tout ce qu’on demande, c’est de venir faire la GdG en tranche 2 avec nous. Vite, il ne reste qu’1 place !”
“KCVKCV is recuiting! If you like challenge and good mood, KCVKCV is for you. All we ask is to do the GW in tear 2 with us. Quick, only 1 room left!”

What is innaprorpiate in that ? Show a screenshot where I have been rude!
If you can’t, stop your bullshit! I’m already enough pissed off with this game to bear this kind of thing.

(No “Hello”, No “Have a nice day”, like in your message…)

How frequently were you posting the recruitment message? Devs have said in the past that they don’t want people posting those very frequently. I’m not sure if there is an official frequency, but more than a couple of times an hour might be considered spamming and so trigger a warning


Hello all,

Just to clarify, warnings and bans are submitted to player accounts manually and not always automated.
This means that you can receive a warning/ban after something has been posted into chat, potentially a day or so after.

If this was based on repeated posting, it would warn to not spam chat instead.

While this is a warning and not a ban, we do have a Support ticket system for Ban Appeals.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


@Jeto on this topic. I did receive a similar warning (chat spamming) when I was frequently posting our guild’s recruitment message (I guess too frequently) and I created a support ticket for this, however there is no activity since its creation (it has been a month):

Any idea how long it takes generally to receive a response? Also, is there a cool down period for these warnings? (since that they I fear to post the recruitment message in global honestly :frowning: )

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Is there any guideline on what is considered spamming chat? Recruitment posts sort of require repeated posting, I guess it would be helpful to know what IP2 deems too much.


2 posts in 1 hour (maybe more than 1h). And no other post in MONTHS.

Why are you not sending in a ticket?

I got a warning on the boards some time ago. It had at least information on why I got it. And I am grateful for it, because I had no clue I offended someone.


saying it is required doesn’t magically make it “required”.

there’s also other options.
this forum, multiple discords, steam forums, even facebook (wtEF)
last I checked, which could be overhauled of course, I didn’t see people spamming there multiple times a day. :slight_smile: sure, the same people and guilds spam their same stuff as much as possible, but following the rules of the discords. so, fair point, it would be nice to know “how much exactly is too much”. but I can understand if that info stays hidden. otherwise people would “abuse” it to the allowed maximum. just keep it at a reasonable amount. once every few hours in each of the hundreds of available ingame chat rooms should be more than enough, no? plus I guess if someone “really wants to get the message out” it is still possible to deliver the same bot message through multiple players into the world chats…

That’s why I said “sort of required”.

And there’s the game chat, specifically channel 001, which is the most prominent place visited by players. Unfortunately, as far as game chats go it’s Gargantaur rank, solid trash tier. It disconnects often, is apt to lose lines and has a scrollback memory measured at best in minutes. Which means that anybody who wants their recruitment messages to be seen, like most of the somewhat more organized guilds, is “sort of required” to post every few minutes.

There isn’t anybody visiting those other hundreds of available in-game chat room. Well, some recruiter might stumble into them and leave their mark. Whenever I post in there and come back a few days later I’m still surprisingly often the most recent poster. The game could probably be reduced to a dozen channels and nobody would notice, at least as long as the few currently frequented ones are still around.

Nope, that would be one player running multiple accounts in parallel. Because recruiting sucks enough that anybody asked to help out is more likely to quit the game than risk getting dragged into it.

Your forum post contained several words not tolerated by the Secret Forum Netiquette. Your forum account will be suspended for 4 weeks, please refrain from breaching rules again in future or the ban will be permanent. Thank you for understanding that we can not disclose your exact violation, to prevent you from abusing that information.

The proper approach to keep people from “abusing” an allowed maximum is to set a limit that is not considered abuse.

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I was told, by a Dev, that guild recruit messages should be “every 15 minutes or so; and/or not interrupt chat”. That was a while ago, but that’s what I follow. Try to put 15 minutes between on quiet channels, maybe a little more often in 001.

“required” … “sort of required”, lets just say you meant “required”, because that is what the mindset and the whole discussion is all about and where it leads to ultimately. if that assumption is wrong we maybe can skip the whole discussion and post more restrictively to secure no unwanted bans that may or may not occur. the other options I mentioned are still there. and they can also lead to success. as a player I avoid ingame chats mainly due to the massive nonsense posted in chat (or what I read as “such”) and the absurd amount of repeated/spammed recuritment messages. that’s the other side. maybe the reason for recruiters to not always find people quickly is also due to annoying everyone constantly. or maybe people at a certain level just “know their worth” and “their available options” just without an ingame recruitment message. I’m well aware that most stuff is going on in 001 or 100 (f.e. germany). Still no “excuse” for spammers to just do their business there constantly, repeatedly, annoyingly. Involving others in the recruitment process was an idea that can prevent massive spammers from being taken down. A workaround. You, or anyone not wanting to involve others for the recruiting seems more like an individual problem. How thoughful. :slight_smile:
cya in four weeks then :slight_smile: