About difficulty

I have always thought a realtime pvp (two actual players present in the match facing each other) would be truly difficult. An endless cutthroat chess game… A relentless struggle to deny each other moves and seize rare opportunities.

But now I am beginning to understand that it would be nowhere as difficult as AI getting tons of cheaty lucky drops all the time.

Just this. No other comments.

I can’t tell whether you’re posting just to say “I don’t have anything to say”, or whether you’re just starting a brand new “lucky drops mean the AI cheats” thread to go along with every other “the AI cheats” thread. I don’t foresee it being productive either way.


I am just frustrated. Needed to vent. I never agreed with those who said AI cheats, yet these days I am starting to see it myself. Maybe not all the time, but too often the AI shamelessly favors itself. And it’s getting to me.

You’re not crazy. Something changed in the past few days. Drastically. For the worse.

I have not noticed anything different and i havent seen the ai cheat in the year and a half i have been playing… But maybe its all in my head

I’m getting sick of playing teams with a thousand less team power than mine and having to deal with each of their troops having well over a hundred combined armor and Hp. Even worse when they can rattle off 6-7 turns and I can’t get more than 1 match or two on a gem creator anymore.

I’m all for playing cautious and whatnot, but things are just bigger and hit harder now.