About AI behaviour in Dooms

How is AI behaving for you in this month’s doom?
I have to say that in my case (doom level 25 to 60) I have lost dozens of matches at the first or second turn.
My team is solid, I’m an experienced player, my lvl is 1345 but that’s not the point. If skull+skull happens at the first or second turn , then it’s just instakill, 0% chance, no strategy, no team building, no playing. And it happens again and again and again, not only in dooms.

Challenging is one thing, but frustrating is another.
I appreciate the effort, the humour and invention that Devs put in this game, but the main point is the AI behaviour, all goes around that. What good can come from people, fans, customers, getting disappointed and sad?
What’s the mission of the teams leading the game? Giving their customers some good time or just giving them frustration and bitterness because they spend tons of gems, money and get killed without standing a chance?

The game is good, dear Devs and dear fellow players, you are good, but the AI is not!!! It’s just about minor changes I’m talking about, it wouldn’t take much.

Because of this, good friends are quitting. I’m clinging onto the friendship I have for my guildmates just not to. We “support your game”, please you support us.

Apologising for the abuse of italic and bold, happy matching to all of us.


Not just on dooms happen, delve event too, of the 5 failed runs i got there 4 was for that (and 1 cuz a lone Magnus entered “now am gonna wipe your team” mode).

As someone else mentioned i too got the feeling of a “skull weekend” a couple examples:

14 silly skulls but np! divinia gonna do some cleaning house! (only 3 of them wont get destroyed).

After divinia explosion:

Still 14 skulls lol, 1 doom and 2 skulls that was in bottom center got taken by ai as you can guess from the missing barrier on hero.

Another random example:

Most funny of today tho was in pet rescue (didnt took a ss tho cuz had 4 mins to do all and didnt even made in time actually +_+) had 15 skulls on board and i was using Sunspear as class so with permafirestorm active.

To be fair tho, without those “byebye hero at start” and “skulls invasions” ai would have 0 chances, tbh i dunno how could be balanced/fixed.

Ofc suck that on those kind of stuff you got a whoopping 1 choice for tank, Hero titan (or stonehammer, but dont seem many use that one and i dont have him)


Attributing “there were skulls on the board” to AI is weird. That was RNG.

It would be very bad if the AI saw skull matches and ignored them. That’s “an insultingly stupid AI”.

What you’re arguing instead is “I don’t like that early board layouts can happen in such a way that I didn’t have a chance to win”. That’s a good argument, but it has nothing to do with the AI and everything to do with the RNG.

But this is a common problem in scaling events: one the CPU can one-shot you with skull damage, EVERY skull match feels like a conspiracy. It’s just a bad way for a game mode to be set up, ESPECIALLY since so many teams can generate extra turns and cascades.

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The issue here isn’t that the AI or RNG is broken at all. They are working exactly as programmed and behave fairly.

What is happening, beyond the scaling damage, is that as delve levels increase, so does the artificial hidden “difficulty” level of each match. As the invisible difficulty level increases (this can be anecdotally observed at specific opponent level breakpoints), so does the probability that on any given new gem that falls onto the board will be a skull/doomskull. Combined with the scaling damage of the opponent, the combination is highly effective against the player.

That said, as the game is fair, this can be somewhat exploited against the AI by the player (although the AI will always be able to exploit this against the player more effectively than the player against the AI). Somewhat comically, I was able to use this concept to clear the tower once I accidentally stumbled upon the interaction between higher skull drop rates and exploders. Doubly comical when a storm is in effect in conjunction with the higher skull drop rates.

Yes and no, Lyrian.
Yes: strategically it’s a challenge that may result interesting, but after doom level 25, or in higher delves, it’s basically one shot one kill against the player. A skull for the player is not the same as a skull for the enemy. Double skull combination either takes out your hero, that means a loss or takes down two of the troops, halving the team. That means a loss too.
Not to mention the unlikely combination of skulls that the enemies get. You say that the game is fair, well, this I repectfully disagree. I wish I had all the cascades and skulls that I have suffered! :slight_smile: (this an impression? don’t think so, but if it were, the perception and fruition of the game anwyay suffers because of the current algorythms).
But hey, maybe it’s just been an unlucky couple of months.

I daresay that RNG works heavily in player’s favour. Why? Make the math.

How many matches have you won vs similar and higher level AI?
How many matches have you lost vs similar and higher level AI?

That win/lose ratio is surely heavily tilted towards won matches.

Absolutely, you’re correct. But right now I’m talking about the “inferno” levels: dooms over 25th and Delves.
If I spend 2000 gems and get killed at the first move 60% of times, I feel like I’m entitled to some public whining :wink:


Well since we are talking about the AI. I gotta say no metter how much gems you throw too get that power orb. Too craft that useless zully. 3 4 or 5000t gems some one will always throw more than you. EVEN IF YOU HAVE LIKE GAZILLION POINTS A HEAD from all other players.
No metter how fast you finish off the bosses and towers. You can never be faster than the AI.
I have a feeling that the creators of the game. Have many accounts laying around. And they compete with us real player’s. Its just a feeling that i have nothing’s solid yet.

Citation, please. Because, uh…no.


Chiming in support for this topic. I’m pretty fed up with the skull drops. It doesn’t matter how carefully you play since a random formation of skulls will replace the missing gems and the AI will grab it to hit you. If you think you avoided that scenario, the AI will grab a random match that drops in skulls for the AI to bash you with anyways.

Its been like this to an excessively high degree for a few months now and its extremely aggravating.

Add in all of these recent troops that start off with a lot of early mana and Gems of War has become a game about flashing colors over any sense of strategy.

There’s no sense of teambuilding anymore either as most troops are “not fast enough” by default.

My desire to play this game is near rock bottom and I have more fun looking at new spoilers than actually playing whats in front of me.

Yay, Raid tomorrow… ?


…whose troop appears to create purple and yellow gems in a random manner, preventing you as a player from planning around the spell.


Personally i’m dropping Nightwing from the team.
80 - 90% of the casts will be serving Zuul with mana on a plate.