Ability to craft gems

We can craft everything exept gems please add a way to craft gems

Dude, you can already craft gems with the rarest and most exclusive currency: dollars.


You also can craft soul with money and in the forge :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t craft diamonds, either, and they’re much harder to obtain.

I don’t think this request is going to gain traction. Players want it, but it’s sort of core to F2P games that there’s always some currency that’s more easily bought than farmed. (Arguably GoW has several but that’s part of the way F2P exploits psychology: having multiple currencies with complex conversions makes it harder to accurately judge the value of any purchase.)

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Sniped lol yup you can craft diamond

Back on topic: From the business point of view this is very unlikely to happen.

They reworked the entire economy to make gems valuable and rare again. But more options to obtain a few gems or at least gem keys could be considered.

We were promised (if i’m not mistaken) daily tasks similar to consoles, but it seems this idea was abandoned because they consider Redeem Codes good enough to keep the distribution of extra/free resources “fair” to all plataforms.

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Also my name is not Tom Cruise, i can’t afford buying gems :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im still surprise people not saying they don’t want it to happen but the reason why it won’t happen :slight_smile:

Sirrian was on a stream a couple weeks ago and said that they’d still like to introduce the daily task concept to PC/Mobile, but only after they overhaul the whole system. He said he likes the idea of a quick and easy repeatable task, a medium-term task, and a long-term task that would take a while to complete. I remember him saying something similar a looooong time ago, so it seems like the idea hasn’t moved forward at all recently and probably isn’t going to move to the front burner for a while yet, if ever.

I’ve never heard any of the devs say anything about equity between systems as far as tasks, redeem codes or anything else, though players certainly have. To me, strictly in terms of reward equity, daily tasks are a poor substitute for being able to log in a little more frequently. I typically get more for a single tribute collection than I do for completing a day’s worth of daily tasks (way more gold, souls and glory, but probably fewer gems). If I was on mobile, I could easily collect another 6 or 8 tributes every day, which would dwarf the puny income from my daily tasks.

There’s no sense asking for something that you know you’ll never get.

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So you think if we could craft let say 20 gems for 2000 diamond it will destroy the game economy? Lol come on

Gems from diamonds? No, that wouldn’t be a problem at all, but I think anyone would be a fool to make that trade. Gems from any other currency in the game probably would be a problem. That was essentially the problem with the old guild task system where you could cycle the tasks all day long and keep buying keys and gems for gold. That’s why they nerfed the guild rewards so hard. A lot of players on PC/Mobile are still living off the rewards they accumulated during that era.


Still depend if you got every troops avalaible
I might use it but not for 2000 diamonds :slight_smile:

If you have every troop available, what would you want the gems for? I’d rather keep my diamonds for an (eventual) sure thing on any mythic I failed to collect on release.

Already got 2 backup :slight_smile:

Oh. Good to know. Still a fairly harsh cap since it’s tied to shards, another resource with a daily farming cap.

Anyway, all of it’s kind of opinionated. Gems can’t be “farmed” per se, though one could argue if you can farm treasure maps you can farm gems really slowly. In that way gems aren’t “capped” but I agree there’s only some reasonable number of gems you can expect to “farm” daily.

Diamonds and shards, on the other hand, come from the dungeon or guild tasks. Once you’ve finished those that’s it, nothing you do squeezes out more.

That, combined with “I spend 450 gems at a time but need 4000 diamonds to be happy”, makes diamonds way more valuable than gems to me.

On the other hand, like all in-game currencies, that can change dramatically in game phases. Once I’ve got all the mythics I want, maybe I’ll wish I could convert diamonds to gems, even inefficiently. I read that sentence sort of like, “When I win the lottery…”, I’m talking about at least what, 2 years from now? Probably longer.

So I hate to neg on the idea but I don’t like this specific idea. Gems are “easy enough” for me to get, but diamonds feel “too hard” to get in reasonable quantity. So if we’re talking about, “We need more ways to craft gems” I’m out, but if we want to say “We should have a host of more Soulforge recipes” I’m on board.

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You might be one of a very few players that has excess diamonds, then.

Lol it took so long to see stonehammer i had the time to build a decent stash :slight_smile:

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I’m still missing about 9 mythics, so I’ll realistically never not need diamonds.


We are already on the same coding plataform, so if they don’t have time to overhaul the tasks they probably (maybe?) could implement those in their current “console version”, but in the end without knowing their plans it’s all speculation until something new about this subject comes up.

Just to clarify, i’m not in any “sour mood” when discussing a PC vs Consoles “equity” i just mentioned that we were supposed to have Daily Tasks with a chance for gems. And this year would be a good opportunity to make it happen, if they still want to.

Because people certainly noticed how expensive this past month was regarding the use of gems to chase Mythics at release instead of being left at the mercy of another “Pharos-Ra Christmas Miracle” in Soulforge…