Ability to change default zoom level of game map


The current default zoom level of the game map is pretty good for the mobile app and for new players with few Kingdoms, but on Steam, it would be great if I didn’t have to zoom out every time the game goes back to the map.

When Wild Plains came out, it took me quite a while to find the new Kingdom until I remembered to zoom the map out! :flushed:

The other big advantage would be being able to see your home Kingdom as well as whichever Kingdom you’ve recently been battling in.

In terms of implementation, I would suggest it would be in the options menu (Steam only or app & Steam) and could be a slider for the player’s preferred default zoom, or simply a check box (unchecked for current default, checked for full zoom out).


I agree with this. I had to tell a friend about the new kingdom because he simply didn’t see it (and he always skips the news part when opening the game. :stuck_out_tongue:). I play on PC as well and it can get annoying to zoom out all the time.


This is a No-No…

If you could see the entire map, you would not to be able to enjoy the long and cheerful journey from your base kingdom to the kingdom you want to battle in (which is doable with a simple click ‘n’ drag of the mouse). You could miss the beautiful mountains, deep rivers, wild animals, rocky caves, roaring beasts and much much other things… Every new move of the map is a new adventure and admins are not evil to disrupt you from enjoying every single of those adventures :slight_smile:


[quote=“NeXtreme, post:3, topic:996, full:true”]
Every new move of the map is a new adventure [/quote]

I bet you never use fast travel in Skyrim either… :smirk:


joke’s on you, i never played skyrim :stuck_out_tongue:
but on Darksiders no, i didnt use fast travel :smiley:


Eh? If you never played Skyrim, then you surely never used fast travel in it, proving me 100% correct. :innocent: