Ability For A "Your troop can now be traited!" Highlight

In a way to say of what the title means to say is that I would like to have the ability/feature to say highlight or mark a troop (can be several mayhaps?) so that when I or other’s hunt down it’s Traitstones be it Minors/Major/Runics or whatever just so that we finish a battle and obtain a Celestial Traitstone and after marking down the troop… for this example Webspinner for it’s 3rd trait it’ll show a pop-up for a brief 5-10 seconds? To say that Webspinner is ready to be traited?

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To help clarify, you want to be able to mark a troop in your list that would notify you at match end if you have enough traitstones for the next trait?

If so, it could be a neat concept. Whenever I farm for traitstones, I finish my explore battle and then look up at the TV when the stone pops up, so I never actually see if I got the one I needed. I’m always going into My Collection to see.

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cool improvement! :thumbsup:

It wouldn’t work if you needed to farm more then one arcane for the same card (like mythics).
But the idea is still valid.

What you need is a “follow” button on the traits page of a cards troop page.
To keep it simple, the nr of cards that can be followed could be limited to max 10.

When you finish a battle, in the battle end screen where you see your souls and gold etc, there could be a little area of the screen showing the cards you are following, followed by 3 little columns with in each column a traitstone and a number.

That number is either the max stones that you have of that type (in white or red) or the required nr of traitstones that you need (in green).

Basically, you see a little overview of the cards you’re trying to trait, and whether you still need more traitstones of that type or not.

Would already be great if you could only follow one card.

I would probably only show the required nr for the ones that are complete. So not 12/12 but just 12, and then in light/bright green.
And the 2/12 in the middle I would do in white, so it’s more visible.

That way you wouldn’t see 99999/4 for people that have a whole bunch of that traitstone…


Would this be possible in a future update @Sirrian @Nimhain ?

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