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Abbreviation index for newbies

I was thinking post abbreviations and their meanings… not everyone knows what “tpk” “tds” “AT” means. Would be a good reference point for the new players and older players that use the names instead of the abbreviations.

Kurandangerous = Enraged Kurandara (not really an abbreviation but a better name.

AW = Arachnean Weaver
EK = Emperor Korvash

Not all of these are commonly used but this is a list of the ones I’ve used or seen used before.

Edit: added the contributions from @Potemkinz, @Sytro

TH = Treasure Hunt
VK = Vault Key
EPK = Epic Vault Key
FA = Faction Assault
AB = Adventure Board
Key = Skeleton Key
DB = Dawnbringer
LD,LnD = Life and Death
EoE = Essence of Evil
RD = Rope Dart
RoG = Reflection of Good
SoU = Shield of Urskaya
CoT = City of Thieves
ASE = All Seeing Eye
CP = Coin Purse
GR = Gold Ring
PC = Priest Chalice
KC = King’s Crown
GL = Genie’s Lamp
ST = Sacred Treasure
LT = Legendary Task
DoS = Depths of Sin
BT = Basic Task
ET = Epic Task
WE = World Event
RB = Raid Boss
GW = Guild Wars

AW = Arachnaean Weaver
Aqua = Aquaticus
CoA = Champion of Anu
Ish = Divine Ishbaala or can also be Ishtara
Thief = Egg Thief
EK = Emperor Khorvash
FB = Fire Bomb
FoZ = Fist of Zorn
FMA = First Mate Axellubber
HKI = High King Irongut
HST = Holy St. Astra
KoS = Keeper of Souls
KtB or KB = Ketras the Bull
Lep = Leprechaun
Ra = Pharos Ra
Pho = Phoenicia
TDS = The Dragon Soul
TGK = The Gray King
TGM = The Great Maw
LoS = The Lord of Slaughter
TPK = The Possessed King
TWQ = The Wild Queen
Uba = Ubastet

I’m sure there are others but these are the ones that stood out.


RQ+ Rage Quit

Awesome list, thanks for your contribution

Few more troops:
Zuul -> Zuul’Goth
Yao -> Yao Guai

Also Weapons:
LD,LnD -> Life and Death
EoE -> Essence of Evil
RD -> Rope Dart
RoG - Reflection of Good
SoU - Shield of Urskaya

Also some meta-team have their shorts: “LD Weaver”/ “LD Orbweaver”
would be a generic name for most teams using Orbweaver with LD weapon + AW on the same team (usually King Avelorn also included and an empowered converter troop)
“SK team”, used to be:
Cederic, Egg Thief, Key weapon, Greed (i presonally prefer Leprechaun instead of Greed)
Also “RD team”, usually refers to:
Ish, Quilin, RD Frostmage, Moon Rabbit
Another of the older metas: “yao team”
Sunspear with Flammifer,Yao Guai,Queen Titania,Tai-Pan (nowdays Child of Summer is more popular)

i havent seen LT in that abbreviation list… hmm…

soo… KtB is Ketras the Bull?

additional abbrev.

SK = Skeleton Key
DB = Dawn Bringer
Rope = Rope and Dart

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Lol KB also works but I’ve seen it both ways. Back on the Xbox I used ketras a lot. Obviously ktb has a different meaning now.

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That was a typo, sorry

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it’s okay, i was just messing around with ButtStallion, lol, and there’s a mamber called Ktb in our guild as well.

Butt added LT in his list now