AARGUILD hoping to find some new guild members


Despite being not even close to a top guild, we are hoping to attract a few new members. Why should you consider our lowly guild with all these other great ones recruiting? Low stress :slight_smile:

Currently we have 5 very productive members, about 5 semi productive members, and one or two accounts that are on hiatus. We’ve been playing for over a year and doing pretty well. However, we’ve reached our ceiling with what we have. We max out the blue, red, and usually either the yellow or green statues, but we’ve never done all six. We’d love to get a few members to see just what a legendary task is! :smile:

Most of our guild members are older - Several folks in their 40’s and a few in their late teens.

We usually donate around 1 million or so gold a week per member, but that’s extremely flexible. We chat on the in game chat sometimes, but mostly to joke around. Honestly I’ve heard of discord, but I don’t know what it is (I assume a message board service?). We don’t plan on using it :slight_smile:

We have no ambition to be a top guild, we won’t pressure you to spend any money, and we won’t flip out if you take a break from playing for a while.

Anyway, if you think you’d like to hang out with a bunch of old guys and enjoy the game with no pressure, consider AARGUILD.

Just reply here or to me and I’ll get you in.