A whole new way to obtain pets!

What if a new lootbox system was created like how we have chests for troops. What if we had card packs containing different pet raritys and older pets. Kinda like pet gnome but we don’t see him that often anymore maybe its time to replace him sadly. So we could start seeing new and older pets again.

Please leave more ideas below:

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What I would like, on wednesday, is instead of a fixed pet, we would still have to find gnome pet, but the only pets available would be the ones from that week’s kingdom


What I’m saying is Pet gnome barely shows up now. You would have to do gnomapolloza to get him. But now that looks like the only way to get him sadly.

This would punish those players in small and/or inactive guilds, or those who aren’t in a guild at all. The current paradigm guarantees a pest rescue for everybody; this proposed alternative would take that away for nebulous returns given how players who have been in those larger/active guilds for a reasonable length of time are more likely to have non-new pests at high levels already.

Unless the suggestion is that cosmetic pests from that kingdom are added to the drop pool for that one day. And even then, the hit that players in those smaller and/or inactive guilds would take probably isn’t fair to the vast majority of players that I suspect are in that particular boat.

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