A tragic tale of misplaced trust lol

Against paragon today, I had the ability to cast Mistralus or cast Doomed club. I chose to cast Doomed club as I had a 4 match set and I figured I’d start filling hero mana again as I would have Mistralus cast right after. Big mistake! Lol…The stupid affix on that weapon replaced my 4 skull match with a brown gem, preventing my extra turn (yes, well aware that has been often discussed on this forum, just sharing a guild war story.)
We all know that the RNG feels more like a slot machine and that the line between winning and losing these matches is very, very thin. The ONLY ability I have is to strategize, which I thought is what I was doing until the RNG God said “No, not today dude!”


Mistralus, with a guaranteed extra turn, is better than any other possible choice. Mistralus is close to my favorite troop right now when mixed with a certain other troop. It’s impossible to lose a match.

Yes, agreed. However, I figured the skull explosion would start potentially filling hero again, and perhaps from MItralus’ extra turn I would of gotten another 4 match possibility.

True, once you get this guy looping you basically win. If the loop does break, you usually have 300 health and are unkillable.

Same old story. Weapon affixes on certain weapons are potential suicide. And the devs don’t give a shit

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