A tiny suggestion from a little player on a small device

Platform, device version and operating system:

Switch but actually all plattforms

Screenshot or image:

That would outscale the maximum amount of data

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Well, its hard to find a good starting point here, so i try to generalize it little bit:
It happened quite often in the past that either this or that occured to have bugs, caused minor or big issues, has been translated not correctly or just didnt worked out as intended and so on.

I dont wanna blame you dear support/developer humans, wizards, dragons, polar bears and whatelse exists in your villa villekulla :wink:
I love that you gave us the reworked vault events, even with its stumbling stones in the beginning. I think its pretty fair now, coz of the value players can generate. Also the upgraded forge is a step in the right direction. It helps people to catch up with plenty of stuff (well maybe just the doomed weapons, but thats a huge milestone in my opinion).
But you have to face the problems in some way. And in my opinion it might be a good idea to take a break. A break from releasing to much stuff frequently. I know their might be some contracts you have to deal with and also the community which will probably never stop to rage.
But if you take a break and fix those (or at least most of those) problems, you might get what everyone wants; a good game with a continously growing community of every age.

You could repeat some old events (like tower of doom 6-12 times in a row <3 i.e.) and pause guild wars, world events and also the releases of new stuff, troops, weapons, hero gems and so. Just take a break from inventing for a while and try to fix the leftovers, coz these are gonna bit you in your little dragon, wizard and polar bear buts someday :wink:

You might should set a date for this if you wanna give it a try and let us finish ongoing events before doin so.

Think about it. Maybe taking a break is gettin you further than you might expect :wink:

Have a nice day/week/life and stay healty

p.s.: I’m gonna skip the rest of this bug report, okay? :wink: