A summary of Immortals - Love dragon eggs but want them ... WORSE?

OK, so the new update is looming and the patch notes are overcomplicated, again, so I thought I’d give a really quick break down of what it is, at it’s core.

Imagine the dragon eggs, but they’re called burning chests. And the dragonite is called burning marks.
Sound good so far? Cool.

Now, imagine that the dragon eggs don’t actually give dragons, just pieces of them, and once you get enough (10 pieces), you get the dragon. Then if you get more pieces of the same dragon, it upgrades it (because there’s no other way to do so).
Sounding less great? Just you wait.

Now imagine that the eggs don’t just give pieces of the dragons. They can also give currency instead, like other chests. Either gold/silver marks or VP. Which is the currency you use to buy/earn the dragonite for these eggs.
Sounds kinda naff? Oh, let’s keep going.

Now imagine that once you fully upgrade the dragon, by opening enough eggs, any time you open an egg and get pieces of the same dragon (rather than one of the others you still need), those pieces are replaced with a small amount of dragonite.

  • A burning chest can give 10 to 50 immortal souls, which are exchanged 5:1 into burning marks, meaning 2 to 10 burning marks from that burning chest.
  • But opening a burning chest costs 10 burning marks.
  • So that chest, at best did nothing at all. At worst it cost 8 burning marks and GAVE YOU NOTHING AT ALL FOR IT!

Sounding really sucky now. But we’re not quite done yet.

Now imagine that every 11 weeks they add another dragon into the pool of dragons that you can get from the eggs. So, the pool keeps getting bigger and bigger, meaning it’s harder to get any old ones you don’t already have.
Wow, that’s a LOT of RNG and grinding, to try and get these new “dragons” from these awful “eggs”. It truly sucks.

Now imagine that the dev team is pointing and laughing at you every time you open one of the new “eggs”, because that’s really what it feels like.

Hope that helps.


I think that’s the part that bothers me most in all of this.

the only ways to get burning marks is to buy it, buy a season pass (maybe you’ll get scraps from doing it) to get a finite amount, and a finite amount from completing season goals.

largely, if you want to get burning marks, you have to buy it with real money.

then you buy burning marks, open a chest, and get basically nothing in return if you’ve already maxed that immortal. 1/5 of an entry.

You’ll end up hitting a lot of immortal souls for the seasonal immortal trying to fill out the other immortals… so if the seasonal immortal is finished, that dud possibility becomes a real thing.

not cool. Paying for nothing is not cool.

Its actually the same problem with shiny keys, but since most people got an insignificant amount of shiny keys, they didnt get to experience how annoying shiny dust actually is. Its very easy to read it and see its not a good system, but some will deny that until they actually physically experience it.


I don’t see why they couldn’t have just added immortal troops, pets, weapons, and souls in the pvp shop (a lot like how it’s setup now where you spend marks for what you want to purchase) and let us use burning marks for what we would like to buy. All they had to do was make 3 new tabs for “weapons,” “troops” and “souls” (immortal pets could have just been added in the pet tab).

This is why loot boxes are banned in some countries. There is false advertising that is meant to confuse people and take advantage of their gaming addictions. We need an official investigator to enact legislation to stop these criminals from continuing this unprofessional business practice.

I am going to wait and see how bad this dumpster fire is going to be and then probably resort to playing this game for 1 day a week to gradually get caught up with one of the only reliable ways–the soulforge. Do I need any of these mythics or weapons? No? See you next week…


Yea but even tho loot boxes are banned.

FIFA packs or NFL packs are they equivalent.
And not banned anywhere, as far as I’m aware.

And kids , constantly buy these.
Gambling from a very early age.

Maybe we’ll be fortunate and they’ll start with a small number of Immortals and not the 11 currently defined on the spoilers page over at Taransworld.

Maybe we’ll be really fortunate and they’ll just start with one. At which point we’ll be able to better discern just how much effort will be necessary to acquire and maxx them and make the appropriate judgments as to whether or not that juice is worth the squeeze.

Not that any of us have particularly high hopes for this being the case, but there’s still time for us to be pleasantly surprised.


Or maybe they’ll look at the fact that NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THIS FORUM WANTS THIS and listen for once.


if its anything like these original batch of shiny key troops. I dont see myself maxing them any time soon. maybe never at the rate its going.

sad thing is I really want to play test a few of those shinies…


I would like to test out immortal Ossifer, who supposedly deals damage to all enemies, converts any chosen gem to doom skulls AND curses and stuns all enemies once he is fully upgraded.

Sounds fun and broken as hell, but paying for that would be a waste because I don’t see anything that would be challenging enough to actually need it, and I would get bored easily.


Sorry to disappoint you, but the update notes already say that it launches with 10, then adds a new one each season. So, the 11 listed would be the first two seasons, I guess.

Listen? They’re listening. And laughing. And counting the $ from the whales who will buy stuff no matter what. They aren’t listening to us one bit. When they do, they lie or promise to fix things “eventually” or with the “next update” to mollify us and then go right on laughing at us.


Definitely not buying a season pass as well as a campaign pass. I don’t mind the grind. I’ve been playing for 8 years and mostly F2P level 1675+ high end guild multiple stellarix zuul diamantina the lot. But this can **** off.