A suggestion:passive boosters

I don’t know if this is possible,but here is a suggestion to spice up the game but without adding more events:You can add "passive boosters’ to the game.Small or large events that will boost a certain feature of the game.
Examples of bosters:
1.For the next 3h +10% gold for every battle(or certain battles)
2.For the next 6h +10% souls for every battle
3.For the next 12h +1 trophie for every pvp battle
4.For the next 3d +3 trophies for every vault in maps.
4.For 1w +15% in every reward in maps(this will be perfect with the regular map weekly hunt)
5.for every 5 arena runs +10 trophies or +20% more rewards.
You get the picture,This hasn’t to be every day,just at random days or during holidays.
You can place a clock next to the chat icon in main map to indicate the duration of the booster.
So,you do not have to do anything to activate that boosters,just play :grin:

I don’t really like these sorts of features personally, as it tends to result in baseline rewards dropping to push sales of boosts. Thanks but no thanks.