A record breaking 18 Orbs of power from one event

A record breaking 18 Orbs of power from one event. Seven different guilds.


I was one of those in this tie. We’ve done many in the past but never with that many players and different guilds. Previous record was a 9 way tie if remember correctly. One of those guilds taking part in the tie is our main competitors in GW. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was a gentlemen’s agreement.

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It was hard work by our GM pulling it all together.:grinning:


Why not, we aren’t here to deprive one another. Why not be like minded & get something back from the makers. I applaud all of them for being cooperative & friendly with one another !!! Congratulations to all of you guys!!! Well Done!!!


Nothing says competition like collusion. Well done.


Honestly I’m surprised top guilds don’t do this more.

Imagine what it’d do to your recruitment cred if you can guarantee orbs of power.

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Because no one else but @anon43026234 could pull this off.

Developers introduced a phony ‘Honor’ system. Truxton shows what real honor amongst Thieves is. Then he shows the rest of Xbox land. And members from six other top guilds return the favor, honor, and respect.

There is no plan ahead of time. You play strong at the start, see who else is chasing a win and then contact the strong players by trying to look for them in chat. Or message their guild master from a recruit thread and ask them to forward a message. Or try to ask a friend of a friend. And get them to agree, because everyone trusts everyone. And we all spent about 5000 gems :thinking: And that’s just the first 12 hours of a three day event.

Every player and guild they are a member of earned real honor points. 18 orbs of power is proof of the respect they have shown. Guild Wars is serious business and a free for all :hugs:


Yep and entirely not possible on PC/Mobile. Xbox has a dedicated way to contact folks that PC and mobile doesn’t have. So I can’t help by wonder why it’s listed under the PC/Mobile thread. :man_shrugging:

Yeah if only Gems of War wasn’t the only chat client on the planet. I know it took me a lot of time to figure out how to send this message to you, there’s no way to talk to someone outside of the game. PC gamers have been waiting for Elon Musk to invent some form of “online telegraph” but so far he’s flummoxed.

Yeah if only you could see a name on a leaderboard and easily contact them by use of a messenger system like that on Xbox that you know every single player has access to.
Despite your condescending phrasing… Do you honestly think there’s a comparison between the 2 platforms and the ability to communicate?

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A lot of people on Xbox don’t use their gamertags as their in-game names.

Anyone who tries to find a friend to message named “Magnusimus” is going to pull up bupkis.


This. Very few actually use exact same name as gamertag. It’s certainly not easy to contact everyone and organize a tie.


Some people are SNIG (Same Name In Game). Other people are pretty easy to find. The leader of Intrim isn’t shrouded in mystery.

If you’re aiming to make leaderboard agreements like this you’re mostly looking for the GMs of top-tier guilds*. They tend to exist on Discord, the forums, etc. Their representatives tend to post recruitment messages everywhere and can get you in contact with them. It might take a little time, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard.

* Before you pick that apart, I mean once you can talk to the GM you can get access to their LB players. Or, just talk the GM into a deal, then it’s a guild policy and you don’t need access to the players.

Awwwwww Ryan, you play on a mobile phone. Notice the word mobile and phone.

But no, we can’t send messages to a name on a leader board. We should be able to, but no. We post in general chat if anyone knows ‘so and so’ or anyone in his guild when we have to. Or we look through a recruitment post for the guild they are in. Or if we’re lucky, we already know them or a guildmate.

But knowing is only half the battle. And it’s the easy part.

Getting member from six other guilds, several of whom are bracket one competition, to not betray us thieves and convince them not to betray us…

Then they all play different time zones and have different play availability. What if some other person tries to make a move and break the tie? How high should we level to discourage that. What if a dumb person with a score not in sync tries to join and screws everything up?

Coordinating an 18 orb Xbox victory shows how honored and respected our guild-master @anon43026234 is.
But it was more than just 18 players. The players that replied back that ‘I’m not chasing your tie and will not break it’ earned respect. The guild masters and members that helped us contact their one player racing up the leaderboard to join the tie earned respect.


Yeah I got that with the 2 other replies on the matter that you read before trying to pile on me. I was going to let it go… But my 4th notification on the same thread without a reply by me will quickly end “the turn the other cheek” approach.
Oh my God it isn’t as easy as I thought. :speak_no_evil:
Clearly I didn’t invest the necessary brain power to think about a platform that has my gamer tag for a GoW but hasn’t been played on for years.
That being said… Still immensely easier since you know every single Xbox player does have the messenger system… All that is needed is their gamer tag.
The same rational deduction can’t be used with PC/mobile.

Yeah. Notice also that most folks don’t stare phone numbers to communicate with other players. If you did or do… Then good on you. But I severely doubt anyone has given their number on guild chat or global chat. So I don’t see what my cell phone has to do with anything?
Do you not have a phone as well? :thinking:

I guess when the devs change how power orbs and leaderboards work for every platform thanks to “this achievement” we’ll all know who to blame.

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I saw this paragraph and raised my hand to interject, but then you followed it up with a perfect slam dunk. Very well-executed, good sir.

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Did you ever think that smart ass answers would ever limit you?
Wrong what ever you say lol

It’s been a player complaint for years on the odd occasions where a tie happened. But the devs made the safe bet that most GoW players are too simple-minded and arrogant to make a mutually-beneficial agreement with each other.

I mean dang, it took 2 years for 1 guild to figure this out. The first tie should’ve been the spark that lit the kindling.


Says it best, when Salty says it all

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