A possible new blog

Hi, everyone. Schmoe here. I thought I’d try out posting blogs here in the Gems of War forums, as it seems I’ve overstayed my welcome (about 7 years to be exact lol) in the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone. And as this is pretty much the only game I stream these days, and hardly touching FF XIV, I figured it’d make more sense blogging on here instead. It’s not going to be an outright migration though, but gonna be a transition over time.

But anyway, as said, I’m an expat from Final Fantasy XIV, a game I haven’t really played in over a year now, instead playing primarily Gems of War, and other games. And the trend in Lodestone seems to be one of basically making short Twitter posts, rather than long form ones, which is what I’m mainly about. I’ve gone the way of the horse & buggy it seems. :worried:

But, more to come. Maybe…


Welcome @Joe_Schmoe!

The written word is always valued and shall never go the way of horse and buggy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:


I for one still ride my trusty penny farthing :relieved::face_with_monocle: next they’ll be saying I’m old-fashioned, too! Humbug, I tell you!