A Positive, Feel Good thread

So shortly after the abrupt end of salty’s stream earlier, I got to thinking. We’re all pretty lucky to have such a fun game to play and discuss together. Salty, Kafka and maybe a few others(I’m semi new here) do a pretty darn good job dealing with all of our rants and complaints, Mine included… That being said, i think some thank you’s and positive vibes should be sent their way. On her stream I mentioned doing something outside to clear ones mind for a bit, but didn’t realize most of the world is still on lockdown. So I wanted to post something positive here for everyone to read, react and contribute to. Post ideas or things that we might be able to do indoors to pass the time and give us a little bit of happiness.
Just a few to start it off,

Music. Something you wouldn’t normally listen too that makes ya feel good. Classical, big band, jazz. Heck Christmas music would work too.

8 and 16 bit era video games. They’re the classics and some of us grew up playing them. I love spending a little time reliving a big part of my childhood, Especially now.

Old home movies. If your lucky enough to have some of your old home movies, watch them! It should put a smile on your face.

There’s 3 to start, please feel free to add more positive thoughts, ideas and thank you’s to the gems of war peeps. 1 last thing, since we are from all corners of the earth, I would love seeing pictures showing yourselves and where your from. I think we’re able to upload pictures from our phones on here. Of course it couldn’t be anything that goes against the rules here, but I just enjoy seeing different parts of the world.
Hopefully this turns out to be a good idea, it surely beats all of the never ending complaints, from myself and others.
Have a good day everyone and thank you very much to Salty and kafka!


If (when) that happens, simply flag the post as being “off topic”. If the mods agree they will remove the post. If you’re too new to be able to flag posts. Then I’ll try to monitor this thread daily.
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Here we go, Vault Keys still in the drop pool. This is classed as a positive petras.

First time I have seen this wonderful gift, 3 VIP keys for 120 gems. I dont ask for much, but this was very nice to see, even if we are only talking about 30 gems discounts. So positive petras for today is going to this offer.

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