A pondering of the 4th of july

Does anyone else find it strange that we celebrate the beginning of the war and not the end?


I celebrate the movie release date :slight_smile:

The beginning of the war was over a year earlier. It’s celebrating day one of being our own country.


True but my point is the celebration isnt the end of the war… Im not saying it means anything just something i noticed

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I find war strange period. And I speak from experience.

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  1. July 2nd was the actual day of the vote for Independence from the typical central governing authority (the British State in this specific case) and move towards freedom/self governance. The declaration was adopted in the 4th.
  2. At the time it was both illegal and treasonous to go against the government. It was a bold revolutionary move to attempt to reduce its interference in day to day affairs.
  3. I’d, say the ideas of the colonists were not unique and easily date back to Voltaire at least, who wrote that the State is a device for taking money out of one set of pockets and putting it into another. The framers mostly from the merchant class saw this first hand.
  4. The war started a year later and for lasted 8 years, costing many lives.

July 4th celebrates philosophy of self-determination, and the resistance of fealty to a hostile political power.