A place I didn't expect GoW to be mentioned

So there is this YouTube meme channel I like to watch…

Well, the user who posted this to reddit is not wrong. :joy:


“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?”

“No, I’m not sure I don’t want to stay” → you stay.

Quit/Yes → “Yes, I’m sure I don’t want to stay.”


That video did make me giggle. Thanks for sharing!

Does anyone else secretly really hope to see someone actually playing GoW in real life… I mean I know you guys are real :joy: but like meet someone who casually happens to be doing an explore battle as they are ordering coffee infront of you at Starbucks?


Yes, that would be great. :star_struck: I remember reading that someone was introduced to GoW when he saw someone playing it in their car. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aren’t you sure there isn’t no chance that you don’t want to not keep playing?

[Yes] - [Eh] - [I guess]

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I generally like the narrators there. A little fun never hurts. And that was extra funny. :joy:

Would be really cool to meet someone irl who plays gow. Or my other game. They’re kinda obscure compared to the usual stuff so that would be especially amazing.

I never even really looked at those buttons properly, but I tend to play windowed on PC and just hit the X button. I’m bringing this one up to the team :joy:

Also, I also wondered if I’d ever notice someone playing GoW on the train to work or something, I’d get a little kick out of it.


I never meant to use it - never “quit” an app on my mobile devices before (I just open something else and background apps will eventuell be closed) - but I’ve encountered it by accidentally pressing back too often.

It’s a bit confusing at first glance. :sweat_smile:

And I didn’t even want to quit. :joy:

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While you’re bringing that up, can you also mention the screen burn-in I have from the bright-white shield and heart icons from every troop in exactly the same place in every battle? Making those icons slightly darker would be a big improvement. The bright blue bars between each troop indicating “mythic” rarity are also visible on both sides of the screen, but the hearts and shields are the worst.

I food shop and occasionally play GOW.

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I can appreciate that I can tell the video is new since it has the new Gems UI to it.

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:scream: can you please tell me what device you play on? If PC, what model of monitor you have this issue on

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screen burn in is a problem of CRT (really old monitors): e.g., your device. But I don’t know anyone who still has a CRT. If Gems of War was really causing screen burn in (impossible, but let’s go with it), we’d be hearing about it all the time from people.

Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s hard to take a picture of, but anytime there is a white background on my phone, I can clearly see the GoW UI.

edit: I took a picture on my phone of a blank white paper, then I used my wife’s phone to take a picture of my screen with that background. It’s even more striking in person than in the picture.


OLED screens (which are rapidly becoming more common) also suffer from burn-in. Most mobile operating systems offer settings to extend the life of OLED screens, like continuously shifting the picture by a couple pixels or shifting the hue of on-screen colours.

I believe the S9 has an OLED screen.

Screen burn-in also affects OLED. https://www.howtogeek.com/687180/oled-screen-burn-in-how-worried-should-you-be/

there might be a flaw in the logic:

“I’m telling you I see screen burn-in”

  • “No, that’s impossible, if there were screen burn in, someone would have mentioned it.”
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You’re the first person I’ve ever seen mention burn in from Gems of War, and there are tens of thousands of players on mobile. If it was a problem with Gems of War, you wouldn’t be the first person to mention it after all of these years.

Yes, YOU might be seeing it. But it’s not a problem that Kafka needs to bring up to the developers. It has nothing to do with Gems of War. It’s your device.

sorry, I didn’t realize they’ve hired to you be the gatekeeper for which problems are or aren’t worth their time. I’ll check with you first before raising any other issues in the future :roll_eyes:

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I honestly cannot use my android devices to play gems of war now. So I have to use PC or ios devices. It is using too much resources. It feels like asking me to buy a new device.

That makes you one hell of a hardcore GoW player that’s for sure @beeflog . I also haven’t ever seen this happen before for GoW. I didn’t realise OLEDs could have burn in issues like the old screens so I was honestly expecting you to reply you play on PC with a really old monitor or an old tv.

I suspect this issue was caused by long game sessions but you haven’t prevented the display turning off after x amount of time of inactivity in the phone settings have you? I would definitely turn that back on if it’s disabled.

I’ve shared the image with the dev team in case there’s something there we can look into.
Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do for your poor phone :frowning:

I am simultaneously impressed by your GoW devotion and sorry for what happened to your phone.