A New Mythic Approaches - Undine


Good point.


Yet another pull with seals, only 3k needed :+1:


Faced Sirrians defense.

My very next PvP match

Thanks for the new meta Papa Sirrian! :wink:


Wait. The AI is dumb enough to aim Nyx at Mana Shield just because its got the most mana? Really?


Consistently. Side note… this is a rare instance where a higher mana cost might have actually helped the troop.


Fun lore fact:

Undine is likely the father of Euryali!


320 gem keys
2200 gems
1800 glory keys
30000 glory
Not found


Looks oddly familiar - oh it’s my usual monthly mythic search score !

I truly feel your pain - I hope you will be luckier next month :+1: (or even next week !)


Next week I’ll try again. Maybe the dev feeling sorry will send me one for free. Revenge /Artista guilde :joy::rofl::joy:


It’s written that Undine is a God but in the OP devs said that he’s only a Demigod… :thinking:
So Euryali is a Quartgod?

Will we see Undine’s daddy, Seidonis in another water kingdom? Could it be Blackhawk?


Wow, you think being the God of the Sea should be a lot more formidable. Not this underwhelming card we got. Could at least be able to summon Leviathon and do a lot of damage.


3 turds in one pan.


Note for future mythic troops that don’t benefit from multiple copies:


I got very lucky with Undine.
54 guild chests,and he was mine…


Lucky you… though I wonder if that’s just a lucky decorative find or if you find yourself using him much…?


His main use is GW blue day getting Merlantis to 7 stars.
And if you think that it’s not so big, take into account that it’s the second best glory kingdom after Whitehelm (actually there are 3 kingdoms sharing 2nd place, but whatever).
EDIT: Wrong, Shentang is 9 base glory.



I have been using my Undine team on PVP all week and have yet to lose a match. My favorites are when I fight against Mab and Dawnbringer (and also Krakens "3 damaged to all enemies on 4 or 5 gems matches) and their spells don’t do any damaged. It’s more satisfying than I expected haha…also, watching Nyx constantly trying to drain Undine and being denied is also enjoyable.


What team are you using?


Team doesn’t matter as much as favorable RNG. All relative to activity and level. This streak over 3 weeks of causal play ended last night by the Meta defense. That was helped by favorable RNG for the AI. I’m not upset though. It was due…I was about to put “luck factor” on milk cartons for the AI. :wink:


Azura, Undine, Waverider and Leviathan. The first two are fully traited, Waverider has one trait and Leviathan has two. Using the Triton (?) banner (blue/green/minus yellow)