A New Mythic Approaches - The Wild King

The Wild King will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


lazy design but probably the best mythic all year (so far)


Those who know me, know I am utterly obsessed with the Wild Queen and over at my flight school discord server, each Sunday I find and post the official old lore from the new mythic posts back in 2017. I’ve been so hyped for this troop coming and I couldn’t help but write some fan fiction lore for him and his Wild Queen. This is my first toe dip into this kind of thing but I really hope you enjoy it.

Please make sure you have read The Wild Queens Official lore first

The Coming Of A King

Chapter 1

Dion, a well renowned mercenary, had always used the spoils of his victories to fund his nocturnal interests in wine, women and ribaldry. He and his crew passed from settlement to settlement around the mountains and woods of Maugrim and Pans Vale, drinking the taverns dry and tormenting any unsuspecting nymph that happened to be out past dusk. Dion’s monstrous appearance didn’t seem to phase him, his snout nose reminded him of the unforgiving beast he was, and his ragged mane, doused in the sweat and blood of his enemies, painted a picture of his latest victories.

This late may evening, Dion had just finished his sixth wine horn as he caught a glimpse of a female silhouette beyond the tree line. He stood up and ran his claw like nails through his mane, sweeping it back behind his blackened horns and strode over to the unsuspecting wench with the confidence of a Prince. “no need to be shy” he snaffled as the figure tentatively moved out from the shadows. It was a nymph, a beautiful, sweet and fresh spring nymph. Dion’s excitement grew as he inflated out his chest and leant against the nearby tree. This was, however, no helpless nymph. She had long been schooled by her mother on how to avoid becoming a notch on a satyr’s horn. “Why, you look like the kind of warmaster who relishes a challenge,” she said. Dion’s eyes flickered from lust to intrigue. “Over the glade and into Pans Vale lives a Wild Queen who can seduce any man to fulfil her every whim”. Dion snorted, “nobody can influence me”. " Oh and she’s rich beyond your wildest dreams," exclaimed the nymph. This was music to Dions Satyr ears and had certainly peaked his interest enough for him to forget his nefarious plans for the nymph. Dion turned around and marched back to his crew. " Look lively lads, we’ve a new adventure" “we’ve a Queen to steal from”. Little did he know that it would be the Queen looking to steal and tame his heart.

Chapter 2

For years, The Wild Queens’ rule over Pans Vale went from strength to strength as she hypnotised any unsuspecting visitors to the Vale. This warm June evening was no different. As the sun set behind the Urskayan Mountains at night, the Satyrs lit a fire and May signaled to Elwyn and Pan to begin to play. May purposefully and slowly strode out of the shadows, her hips rolling with each beat of the drum and her arms, covered in vines, licked up towards the sky, mirroring the movement of the flames. The eyes of all the weary travellers sat around the fire were transfixed on the Queen. Unable to move, tears rolled down their cheeks at the beauty they were witnessing, all except the towering frame of one Wildfolk. His chest was adorned with war paint, pouldrons of fur sat upon his shoulders and his ebony black horns echoed the shade of his heart. The Queen gazed upon him, her succubus-like eyes locked on to his as she danced towards him. The usually unphased Wildfolk passed his wine horn to his companion as he held out his hand in May’s direction. As May’s delicate hand landed in his beastly palm, the visitor’s cold black heart began to warm. He instantly felt intoxicated by the Queen’s presence. As lustful as the Satyrs and Wildfolk could be, nothing had ever lit a fire inside him like this woman. May pulled him to his feet but the beast spun her into his arms and said “May I have this dance my Queen”, the Queen looked deep into his enraged eyes and whispered “Why, of course, my King”.

Fan Art by myself using Ibis Paint


I Still prefer Piscea about year 2022


Lol, I KNEW when this was announced you’d be all over it. Does this mean you have to have a new matching custom bedset made: His and Hers Wild King and Queen?


Lucky day for me. Pulled it from 143 glory keys in the first try.

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The Devil was having a laugh at me again, 50k seals, 1300 gem keys and quite some thousands of glory keys. :melting_face:

Ouch… Sorry you had such bad luck, Eika. :people_hugging:

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That’s amazing stuff you should be a novelist with art like that in your books Hawx! :grinning:

Awesome i can’t wait to get the Mythic Troop The Wild King! :grinning:

got 1 copy in the first 200 gem key pull; and a 2nd copy in 600 total gem keys. Not gonna complain…