A New Mythic Approaches – The Gemini

New Mythic Troop: The Gemini

The Gemini will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

They will also be available in Ghulvania Event chests exclusively this weekend until weekly reset.

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Just to make sure, the exclusivity doesn’t apply to event chests, the loot pool contains The Gemini, Draakulis and The Gray King?


Can confirm Event Keys can drop The Gemini. Can’t confirm if it drops any of the other mythics…

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Gemini - a chance or two - will it drop? Nah - working as intended.

Just spent every Gem, Glory and event key I had and not even a hint of this troop.

Even spent 12,000 seals more on Guild Keys and 11,000 glory on more glory keys and not even the slightest hint of this troop.

Guess I will file this under the “non achievable troops” on my account along with Hoard Mimic.

Edit : Had to spend 22,000 glory to find it, hope everyone else has much better luck and does not have to waste every chest key they have finding it too :smiley:

Well, that changed


So besides the Event Chest malarky…

In what universe is this troop worth using 24 mana to cast this spell??

Its closest comparison, Suna, does the same exact exact damage to the 2 weakest enemies at 20 mana … and The Gemini has a 20% boost this week.

Or simplified: The Gemini costs 4 mana more to do less damage than Suna, which isn’t really strong in the first place.


Started with this…


Used up all my glory keys, gem keys, 70k glory wings, and then decided to try my luck with guild seals. Finally got it after using up 37k guild seals.


One of my guildmates just pulled Gemini from event chests, hoping for The Gray King, after asking for advice on a team for the journey event… any chance we will be able to craft TGK for 1/2 price, like what happened with Arachnean Weaver?

Doubt it. They’ve warned us it would be the same again should a new mythic release be in their kingdom’s week.

Though they still didn’t properly announce it… :roll_eyes:

So, what’s the reason for it being weaker and more expensive than Suna? Or Draakulis for that matter…?

Guys, come on! You had us all so excited with Piscea.

Why do you keep releasing weak mythics?

We know you can do better!

So basically, in theory, TGK and draakulis should be in event chests from Monday reset up until Friday reset; at which point they are removed (as are all other mythics from respective chests) from event chests as Gemini is released?? Another very poor troop for sure predestined to live in the dust collection department. Oh well, maybe next month eh.

So we can only pull Gemini this week from all chests? No other mythics can be dropped? Can someone confirm this?

Yes. Gemini is the only mythic obtainable from chests for the rest of the week now.


Who designed this "Mythic“…

Cost me 1k gems keys, 1k event keys and 100k glory (5k glory chests)

Why put mythics or legendary troops drop rate extremely low and expect us to just magically get? 0.001 for Mythic seriously? And OH WOW a new troop we just made for everyone to get from all chest for one week only. Ya way to destroy the game and forcing use to have to craft them in the Soulforge.