A New Mythic Approaches – Midwinter Lycan

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New Mythic Troop: Midwinter Lycan

Midwinter Lycan will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

You have the wrong pic attached, the Mythic you attached is Junes Mythic.

Can you people do anything right, clearly not.


Seems decent? Worth more than one anyone?

So its not back firing curse n freeze all over your own team? Cool ill have to try it out n a sec

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As always


low priority to get a 2nd, but it is possible to make 2 work. 3 is a bit overkill

Midwinter lycan tends to backfire too much with the curse gems because it makes it vulnerable to status effects, and it doesn’t even use brown mana, so it tends to not loop as much. You can use forest guardian and other troops to get rid or make use of the curse gems, but they just seem to be too much of a liability.

Here’s how I would rework the wolf god of the north:

Traits are powerful and fine as is, but the spell needs to be more useful and have some more synergy with Maugrim woods:
Howling Blizzard: mana cost-24 blue/green/yellow
Curse all enemies. Deal (magic×1.25)+2 damage to all enemies. Create a mix of 16 blue and freeze gems.

Cursing all enemies might be too powerful and could be removed, but blue and freeze gems would loop more and trigger his final trait easier. (There would still be the unfortunate interaction where the freeze gems could override the blue gems, but it would embody the “blizzard” fantasy of this troop). This wolf could still be very good at spreading freeze and terror, while dealing respectable damage and not have to worry as much about losing impervious with curse gems.:wolf:

So, basically like Chalcedony and friends were before nerfing … isn’t that a bit much? I know it’s a base Mythic, but that’s noticeably above and beyond other Mythics, which typically cap out at 12-13 Gems:

Comparison of 19 other Mythics
  • Elemaugrim, Ishtara, The Elder Dragon, The Void Dragon: +9~13 Gems
  • Ironhawk, Zuul’Goth: +12 Gems
  • Consort of Darkness, Mother of Darkness, Umenath, Zilopochtli: +12 Gems (only upon kill)
  • Mandragora, Queen Aurora, Quetzalma, Yasmine’s Chosen: +10 Gems
  • The Sparkinator: +10 Bomb Gems
  • Amarok: +9 Gems (only upon kill)
  • Shanbanu Vespera: +9 Gems, x3 (typically different colors)
  • Sycorax: Variable (double then +3, similar to Troll spells)
  • Piscea: Variable (= # Green Gems)
  • Mythics that create a “mix” of different colors were not counted for this list
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Haha. Reworking things. You funny


Well, the blue and freeze gems could override each other, and the 16 gems that he creates could be reduced. Maybe 10 blue and freeze gems would be alright? When I have tested using him, he just seems to make a complicated board that you just explode with wand of stars or something else, and it overshadows this mythic’s potential.

Maybe it could act like the looping dragons like elemaugrim, ishtara, and the elder dragon?

Howling Blizzard: 24 blue/green/yellow
Deal [(magic × 1.25)+2] damage to all enemies. Create 9 blue gems, boosted by frozen and terrorized enemies. 1:1.

Remove the curse runes and make him able to loop more, as you freeze more enemies. Easy to understand and use, even if it’s not as “creative.” I think people will use lunareleon instead of midwinter lycan anyway because it deals over twice as much damage, and you don’t have to worry about a messy board.

The devs won’t even read or change this anyway, but I can’t help think that this wolf could have been more useful.

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I feel like the best buff would be to lightly “nerf” it. replace the curse gems with regular brown gems (and/or anything else). Any other change will be a nice benefit

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But that’s a Wand problem, not a Mythic problem.

Also, I just want two seconds to crow how your alternative ideas support why Chalcedony and friends NEEDED their nerf: when even a Mythic doesn’t create more than 13 Gems of its own color, a base Epic with half their Mana Cost had NO right creating 15 Gems of theirs.
(…don’t worry, I’m done.)

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… that’s the mythic’s problem making a bad board where you’re half obligated to wipe it out asap to avoid it backfiring.

there’s no wand problem here

if anything, wand is one of the few things that makes it bearable since you can bless away your own miss.


I will admit this–creating epic rarity journey troops that looped extra turns with high efficiency should have been restricted to the journey events only. They could probably change journey troops to double or triple their gem spawn for the event only, but instead we have to deal with the mess of having a handicapped troop and alternative ways to deal with high leveled enemies.

But that’s something that shouldn’t be discussed here…

I just think that they tried to jumble up freeze, terror and curse on a mythic that only does average damage for too much hassle. When you have to build a team around a mythic to protect yourself from that mythic, it’s just…not a good way to compose a team.

I understand that we shouldn’t just have looping troops like Stellarix that encourage braindead gameplay, but there are so many troops, gems, and effects nowadays that it’s difficult to come up with “original” ideas. His final trait, freezing terror feels like they just filled out a bingo card of dual status effects when you match 4 or more gems…

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I’ll gladly take these dual status effects over any of those zodiac mythics that gain stats on gem matches and I’d take it over like 80% of the create 1 gimmick gem that no one cares about and can backfire that some of these other mythics have.

Worth noting, they STILL haven’t released a troop or hero class with a green permastorm yet.

I actually don’t think its that hard.

We just need the people with ideas that made troops like Infernus, Tesla, Princess Elspeth, Black Beast, Paladin, and Fire Bomb, and not the people that made Libara, Essencia, Rattigar Cutpurse, Ghost Ogre (coming soon), Kitsune, and Rat Swarm

Yes, I can imagine that a very old archaic system for spells limits the possibilities they have (like positive non-mana related status effects while matching color gems for some reason), but even then, there’s more that can be done then just Infernus clone number 9 or whatever boring mess Aldric the Frostbound ended up.

You can legitimately place Aldric the Frostbound as an Epic troop and people wouldn’t think its unusual.

I was impressed with how they managed to fix/ and quickly pivot Groevanga’s 3rd trait from something boring into something worthwhile. If we just had even some of that energy in some of these troops…

I mean I guess we do. We get maybe 10 troops a year that isn’t just never used again troops.

Just let this sink in.

We’re nearing 10 years into this game’s release and we STILL don’t have a half-mana start for every troop type. I’m not talking obscure classes like Bosses, legitimately troop types like Daemon and Monsters don’t have it.

Maybe I’m being “impatient”. Maybe I think they take the players for granted. Maybe other players think this game is perfect and the Gems of War dev team can do no wrong. Most games don’t last this long, and yet they haven’t even finished some of the original ideas they’ve started. Too busy giving the game a new UI I guess.

Its their game and they can do what they want, but… at some point, its like come on…


In their defense, they don’t care.

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