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A New Mythic Approaches - Gard's Avatar

Looks like I made a bit of a mistake spending all of my keys then but it doesn’t matter too much I’m happy with my Dragon Soul team anyway. You had some pretty good luck getting 3 of them.

Huzzah! My third Mythic, and the first one I’m actually likely to use! I like that he’s appropriately powerful for being a freakin’ Mythic, but he still has a big Achilles’ Heel that an attentive attacker can use (with True Damage taking him down easily). I’m very pleased with him.

I feel your pain, same story here except that I did not use my 100 VIP chests yet. Guild chest about to hit level 6 and got a fair bit saved there to try first. 2068 glory keys and 323 gem keys used so far.

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Got it from first 50 VIP chests.
Very strong troop. Two-shotting whole teams with him.


I stored up gems for this so I could open 50 VIP chests. And sure enough, I got him with the first 50 Gem Keys I used!


I used 274 gem keys, 50 vip chests, and about 2700 glory keys and didn’t get him. :weary:
I played a few games and decided to give it my all and use the rest of my glory keys to try and land him…then I opened 50 more chests and there he was!
So for the people that didn’t get him… Never give up, he may be just around the corner.


The color scheme for the new Mythic is interesting. There’s really no way to use him with Valkyrie… :wink:

You could use Valkyrie and Apothecary if you really want both in a team. Maybe something like Behemoth/Valkyrie/Apothecary/Avatar.

This is the first Mythic I’ve really been interested in… as much for how it looks as anything else. So, here goes all my keys…

~100 gem keys, ~1500 gems, and ~750 glory keys later…

At least I finally got Bone Dragon. And Emperor Khorvash. Two of each, actually. As well as finally getting Venoxia, Shadow-Hunter, and Ice Witch. And The Dragon Soul. And Gorgotha. A pretty good haul, all in all, of things I didn’t have before, despite not getting what I was after. Oh well.

Nice to see for once what people earning those kind of resources every week could get.

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Way too slow. Would get roasted in high level PVP.

Does the same apply for horsemans? :weary:

I play high level PvP too and teams like that work, but you are right they are slow. But you said that there is no way you can fit him in a team with Valkyrie and that is wrong :wink:

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It applies to about everything in life @DonBoba. I know that luck as not been on your side in regards to these mythic troops, if anyone deserves one then it is you. I would give you one of mine with pleasure if I could.

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@DonBoba i’m in the same boat…worst luck…guessing if could be the case to try reach vip 5 for vip chest…

I got one! With my first 50 VIP chests this morning!! :wink:

RNGesus must be sick… :thinking:


so VIP is the only way?

It gives the most chances, but not the only way. I got mine from glory chests.


If anything is going to drive me away from the game it is the inability to work towards obtaining specific troops.

I can work on PVP to gain gold.
I can work on Explore to gain specific stones.
I can design a build to gain souls.

But there is no way to obtain a specific troop, and at this point it is the only truly annoying facet of the game.

For the record, I’ve logged in every day for over a year. 18 kingdoms at 7*, 1 at 6* and 6 at 5*. I understand randomness and the notion of putting in effort. But using all your resources on blind luck with no other recourse and walking away with nothing is soul crushing. And this is the 3rd time it has happened.


I got mine from Gem chests…

i know it’s RNG but “wasting” tons of resources to get nothing new is…wrhaaa