A New Mythic Approaches - Deathlock Dreilak


New Mythic Troop: Deathlock Dreilak

Deathlock Dreilak will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


Wow, so we are getting 2 Karakoth Mythic this campaign. And because of that, his lore become important to my current campaign story, so here is an excerpt for it!

Buried deep in a long forgotten tomb, the recent time magic had allowed his own daughter, Medea, to discover his unresting place. And now, Deathlock Dreilak, the most powerful Karakoth sorcerer, has returned to the living world again, ready to continue his work of summoning an unimaginable horror.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. An eruption in Broken Spire had bring the nightmare sinking corpse-city to the surface. The place of mingled mud, ooze, and weedy Cyclopean masonry, was built in measureless eons behind history. Hidden in its green slimy vaults, there lay the great old one, waiting to be released.

The old god needed more strength to break free, and Dreilak was more than willing to assist. He already marked some unfortunate souls for the upcoming sacrifices. mgepog r’luhhor ahuh’eog shuggog, he vowed to the god.


In case it’s not obvious, I didn’t write the second paragraph, it’s just a shuffle text from a very iconic story. You should already know about it. :grin:


Mythic troops should have remained the rare special troops outside the system, that they were, when they were first introduced with the Apokalypse set.
Stepping away from that formula and flooding the game with “regular” mythics was the first step into darkness all those years ago.


And my Karakoth is blocked by weapon upgrade again, needs to either spend money or spend doomed scrolls on a useless weapon, to avoid the super helpful ingot daily offer.


Playing with a Sacrifice/new Mythic/Hero Exploder wep with summon build, the new Mythic can have a significant amount of Magic/damage… but it means nothing since it can’t kill the last enemy with Magic or do anything with it at that point. Well, I tried.

Seems easier to just run Fakyr + damage to all enemies troop for big magic damage potential.


I honestly feel they still are. Since I came back to this game I haven’t gotten a single Mythic of the month including this Mythic. I feel those who are getting them have a lot of keys/resources to get them.

I miss back in the day of GoW tho, I would like to be reminded how the Apocalypse set were introduced. I still don’t have a single one of them… :face_with_head_bandage: Who knows, maybe after this post I will (maybe not) :man_shrugging:t4:

I should have skipped that one. 39k guild seals, 700+ gem keys, a whole lot of glory used and nothing to show for it. Didn’t get it this time around. That’s been the worst mythic friday for me since like two years LOL
Oh well, it’s a game, I will get the mythic eventually, but still a bummer to start a vault event like this

So are we done with the horoscope troops?

Probably not.

The spoilers page over at Taransworld has a listing for Aquaria (Aquarius), although with no information other than a kingdom (Nexus). I suspect the other missing Zodiac mythics are on a concept board somewhere. They just haven’t been introduced into the pipeline, and the developers do seem to be hopscotching along the calendar, skipping one every so often that probably will come back next year.

We just don’t know why these irregularities have been introduced into the sytem. Which probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise, because we don’t know why the developers do all sorts of things and they’re not very good at telling us.

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What a pile of :poop:

Love the artwork, though.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the people who design the troops were equally as good?

Even if he would do damage all troops including the first he’d still not be very good.


Sylverscale: From what I remember, artwork is an outside job. So the developer pays for it and expects a good product. Most likely it also gets at least a brief glance to check, that it’s not just a Win Paint bmp of a happy stickfigure counting money.
Game design is done in-house though, so the only quality criteria, the company will insist on, is that whatever gets coded does not crash the shop features.
On the other hand, what makes a “good game” completely changes depending on if you look at it from a player or company perspective, so maybe it would be even worse, if they handed game design to professionals.

Oh, and also neat pictures are much easier to use in advertisements and screenshots compared to “fun”.

Third trait should give +magic (maybe not 8, but 4 or 5?) to all allies instead of just to itself. That would be a troop worthy of base mythic status, and an interesting one to play strategically.


I will say this one is a little bit better than some of the new mythics that have come out recently, still can’t compare to the likes of The Gray King or Infernus or Mother of Darkness.