A New Mythic Approaches - Death

Anyone knows what types of arcanes are needed for Death? Oh, never mind… I checked Lyya’s site :))

Dark & Spirit.


I guess those will be in glory packs next week, right?

I have no idea @CatalinM, sorry :frowning:

Fully traited, Famine and Death seem to complement each other rather well - no mana overlap and the two Aspects hit for 5 pts of skill reduction each turn, at least two of those life. I tried this team several times and it seems to be working out well thus far:

Giant Spider**

Impervious will nullify Deathmark but should still be susceptible to skull dmg and Famine. Went with Spider to accelerate Death but I suppose Mercy could be subbed if you want to boost Gorgotha and Famine.

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Well, i’m certain that i’ll not get the other three horsemen soon (only got Plague last week), but i’m still happy and reliefed that i got that fricking Summer Imp, now i’m missing only Autumn that is not on chests.

No need to gloat about getting a Bunni’Nog…



The 4 horsemen together are going to be REALLY tough. For the first time last night, I fought all 3 of the current mythics together and they were deadly.

I wonder what the best order would be if all four are used? I guess I wouldn’t be too nervous about facing all four because their spells would take a long time to fill without any transformers. That said, the Famine and Death Aspects will chip away the lead troop if you take a lot of turns…

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I’ve been mulling over that too. I really don’t think that it would be advantageous to use all four due to the high mana cost and no gem exploder/transformer on the team. But as you said, facing Famine and Death on the same team looks pretty scary for the top troop. :fearful:


I don’t find Death to be that impressive. At 24 mana he’s very slow to fill, the damage isn’t that great, and since Mercy is everywhere and has a team cleanse, it seems like he’s easily countered. His 3rd trait also doesn’t seem to do much for him now that the spell doesn’t scale with his life. I honestly think Creeping Death is a much better option.

I also don’t think the team of 4 is that deadly since they have high mana costs and no mana generator. Would’ve also been cool for them to have a much more significant team bonus befitting the difficulty of fielding all four together.


Well I’m going to try this order just for the lulz:


Out of those Plague is the only one completely mana covered by the rest and his spell arguably is the least needed (but still powerful). War is rather brittle but hopefully some lucky Armor Piercing would tear thru a troop or two quickly. Plus the Famine/Death Aspects will take their toll. If War dies that’ll open up Death and Famine mana collection.

I’ve had a few runs at using Death, including with Valkyrie or Spider to fill him, or using exploders…

He’s overall pretty underwhelming… His spell is expensive for not much damage, and the DeathMark can give the occasional quick kill… but casting Sun&Moon or Mab or Bat or any number of decent damage dealers, for the same mana gathering, will kill all enemies faster…

Methinks Death needs a buff… More of a Dim Reaper than Grim Reaper right now…


Lol I was telling my wife that Infernal King coming to my bed side would be more horrifying. Stranger Things monster is more compelling than Death.

Sorry devs…no disrespect intended


That creature from Stranger Things is terrifying. I don’t think I could even look at him on a card. lol


Yeah pretty creepy. I love that show, I hope they give them the go-ahead on season 2.


they already have.

Ill take that creature over Stephen Kings’s IT any day though.

If you are speaking to my comment, they haven’t confirmed season 2 yet. I think it’s fairly obvious they will and I don’t know what Netflix is waiting for, but they haven’t confirmed it.

Good point. I’ve been terrified of clowns ever since seeing that movie.

Getting way off topic here, but my guess is that they’re waiting on the Duffer Bros to formally pitch them something for season 2. Personally I hope they go with an anthology approach like American Horror Story or True Crime. I think the season 1 arc needs to be left behind.