A New Mythic Approaches - Astral Mother

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New Mythic Troop: Astral Mother Astral Mother will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


10k Guild seals and then 200 gem keys to get her

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Slight nerf before release, but whatever.

The artwork is divine like the typing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, The Werestag is in the drop table, if anyone was wondering:

i am just sad that she is so outclassed by a Legedary trool, Beetrix


First 200 Gem Keys for me. Could have been a lot worse, I think I caved and gave up on last month’s…

Absolute dust collecting garbage troop. 3rd trait??? 40% chance to give one ally?? Ugh, mythics are supposed to be MYTHIC. I honestly feel like they aren’t even trying anymore, troop design for the sole purpose of advancing kingdoms


9000 Guild Seals.

Glad it didn’t cost me any more for a really meh Troop that has no use except getting Divinion Fields up a level… :neutral_face:


You should be sad that she’s very possibly the equal (and nothing more) of an Ultra Rare from her own kingdom. She might have been useful in certain situations had the third trait not been nerfed, but now she’s pretty useless.

285 Gem Keys? Nope.
2 VIP Keys? Nope.
~900 Glory Keys? Nope.
3000 Glory later? Finally.

First new mythic I’ve managed to pull on the Friday in four months. (Got last month’s with Guild Keys the following week) Now I’d better knock on wood or sacrifice a virgin or something, because it’ll probably be another four months before this happens again.

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I’m sorry but this troop is terrible. I know it’s not the first awful mythic to be released, but the constant cluttering of the mythic pool with this garbage doesn’t get any less frustrating for me.

It would be appreciated if some of these mythics could at least be a little better. They are supposed to be mythic after all.


What did it looked like before?

Taransworld.com is your friend for such inquiries :v:

(Specifically, the troop spoilers tab, of which there is a changelog hyperlink that shows all troop updates as they happen(ed))


Good thing it only cost me 3k seals because it really is useless.

I decided not to waste gem keys to get it, I stopped after glory keys.

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Good approach! I feel kinda bad for those that wasted a ton of resources trying to get him. :grimacing:


Yes, she can “strike through the armor of all enemies,” afflicting them horribly with moderate discomfort, mild chafing, and the occasional slightly itchy welt.


Never understood why most mythics have such a bad scaling problem in this game. Flat boost ratios ensure troops like this can only be “heavy hitters” for the infinitesimal percentage of players using them in early game, and in some cases even outclassed by readily available setups they can get even early on. Better scaling of base spell damage from magic stat and then a percentage scaling off otherwise limited static boosts (such as number of gems on board/affected, number of x enemy color, number of x status) would go a long way toward making it so that certain troops don’t plummet in relative effectiveness once stats start going up.

For example, this troop could have their base spell damage scale with 2x magic (IMO, nearly every single troop that uses scatter damage and is Legendary or above should have this scaling outright, it should be the rule and not the exception) and gain an additional 5% spell damage per gem removed. Or if you wanted to highlight the gem removal aspect, it could stay 1x magic base but gain 15% spell damage per gem removed. So long as magic is getting some kind of multiplier synergy, it makes itself more attractive, and it makes other, very underused tools (ie, Oracle class trait, which I literally had to go look up the name of I use so little) better by proxy. Either one of these changes would essentially double it’s upper end damage potential by endgame… which, factoring in mana and setup requirements, would put it still firmly below commonly used damage options on the colors it uses. Why come out of the gate with such flat scaling that the damage is completely unimpressive outside of early game? I’m pretty sure early game can’t be boosted high enough to one-shot clear some of the later quest battles.

For an example of a setup/tactical style mythic that at least seems ballpark about where it should be on the power scale, see The Gray King. It destroys gems so it can self feed or set up other troops. It silences, freezes and drains to suppress being hit back even harder than what you just dished out. It has a synergistic trait that makes sense based on his design. And currently, if it hits 2 troops with its spell (with endgame-ish stats) it is already dealing damage on par with the Astral Mother’s best setups, while being more focused and threatening lethal, disabling, and having way better mana flow. Astral Mother, on the other hand is… Impervious. Seriously, that is probably her most notable tool.

The other problem I keep seeing is designing troops that have no synergy with themselves. Why Reflect? Is this even thematic to Centaurs now or was it pulled just because of the “Astral” name? Reflect doesn’t deal back true damage. If you set this troop up to deal damage the opponent has to deal enough damage to themselves by hitting reflects to get through all their armor before it starts to matter. Aside from situations where you literally have no other resort, reflect (the status form that goes away after one instance of damage and doesn’t reflect absolute lethal and reflects based off damage that was actually taken) is relegated to being an annoyance to a lower stat player trying to fight a higher stat opponent and is only used as a last resort when dealing damage. I’ve seen other Mythics with hybrid tools where they are given really powerful tools that don’t synergize and its more of a matter of using one or the other to the max… I tend to dislike this approach, but it occasionally produces something usable for one of their tools. But most of them (this one included) aren’t that - because you either have subpar damage support with its spell, or sub-subpar damage support with its trait.

This current iteration seems like an annoying troop to show up on the stat-scaled AI with a player that has low stats, thats about it. And 90% of that is just because it is Impervious, leaving limited more limited tools to deal with the trait effect or disable it. For nearly every level of scaled content past low level you’d be more worried about a random skull drop than it casting its spell. Even with the proposed changes, it would need to be super high level before the spell threatened to kill anybody without the aid of a random cascade.


One would think they’d actually make mythics good so that lowbie players would buy the things where possible. Given the stranglehold the publisher seems to have on creative processes. But noooooooooooo.

Given this company’s history pertaining their ability to balance troops/weapons/events, dud mythics are arguably the lesser of two evils, if the alternative is runaway power creep that weakens the reach of our existing arsenal.

Consistent balanced releases would be of course preferable, but that would require a degree of QA and Dedication that is almost exclusively found among the Players, not within the company.

It took me 383k glory + 500 glory keys, + 1500 gem keys, + 5500 seals to get this cosmetic mythic, and when added to the fact that I spent 550 event keys + 10k gems in event keys last week in the failed attempt to find Wulfgarok, it would be interesting to know from any of the forum math wizards at which point for each of the resources the deviation from the mythic probability is high enough to start questioning if something may not be working as intended. (Not saying it’s the case here, but if next time I’m e.g. 500k glory in and that’s still within ‘acceptable deviation’ at least I know I’m not wasting resources in something that is not working as intended).
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Let’s be real, though, 50% would have been OP.

Ty for making a record of this!