A New Mythic Approaches - Amarok

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New Mythic Troop: Amarok Amarok will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Excited for the new Mythic! Hope it’s not too expensive.

As we no longer get the lore, I tried to write it myself. Here is the short excerpt from my new upcoming chapter of Campaign story, which I will release very soon!

The Spire was never a peaceful place, with all Elementals and giants stirring things up around the active volcano. But there was an order in the chaos, and people were wise enough to leave this infernal island alone.

All it took was the foreign artifacts falling from the sky, straight into the top of the volcano, to shatter any sense of peace. The Arcane Energies caused more Fire Bombs to spew from the lava, which created a chain reaction of explosions, resulting in the biggest eruption since the Infernus incident millennia ago.

The lava had burst high and far, reaching even an abandoned region of the island, where dark boulders in ominous formation resided. History said that even the old dwarves of Karak Lorgrim refused to mine here. They were fortunate to do so.

The burning temperature had awakened Amarok, the ancient elemental beast inside the stone, which lay undisturbed for thousands of years. Enraged for its early summoning, it sought out the source of its turmoil, smashing and devouring everything standing in its path.

Sensing the energies, it headed east, looking for fiery revenge.


2,800 glory keys. I’ll take it!

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this server lag from people opening their chests… man…

600 Gem keys for me - pulled two in last set


Only 2K Glory keys! Woohoo! :partying_face:

Seems like giving it a lore help boosting my luck. :wink: Still got to spend a few more to regain some gems.

Glad I got another star for Broken Spire. Still doesn’t know what to do with it yet. Likely will just only set it in the defense team. My love for Maw and Irongut is too strong. lol

Also, could we get this in the official post itself? It’s not a full lore, but better than nothing. It’s a shame that it was written inside the game to only show up once, then gone forever like this. I almost miss the fact that Queen Moonclaw create The Lord of Slaughter last time.


200 gem keys
17k guild seals
2 vip keys
4000 glory keys

and got it…

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I’m kinda at the conclusion that Amarok would actually be a good troop if it just did something besides just “damage” when it misses the devour.

When it works, its pretty decent. When it doesn’t though, regrets were had.

Edit: Funny enough, you can make a half-decent pure yellow team with it.

Eternal Flame +6 (please turn the +7 Create a Yellow Gem to Create a Red Gem pleaseeee) - Sunspear with Firebringer and Fireblade
Forest Guardian
Dragon Banner


10k Guild Seals and 2600 Glory Keys for one.

The troop art, while good, seems… less Mythic than the others. It just looks like a regular vulcanic puppy dog you can find in Broken Spire.

We are again at the scrap bottom of spells/effects for Mythics, “deal some damage maybe devour” is more reliable on Kerberos…

Why even bother making such subpar fodder Mythics besides making a resource sink for collectors? :thinking: The developers’ apologists will probably rally on their defense that this is necessary so the australian bushfires don’t start again.



A fiery dog-like creature bares its teeth at an icy cat-like creature that is eating breakfast. The cat looks back indifferently, lifting a paw in an introductory gesture.

DOG: I have no need for friendship.

The cat nods, a little sadly.

CAT: Friendship causes pain. It’s laughter and it’s loving I disdain.

The dog grins at having found a kindred spirit, and points to itself as an introduction.

DOG: I, Amarok!

The cat returns the salute in kind and offers its own name.

CAT: I, Amanyland!

Amarok walks closer, tail wagging. Without warning, Amanyland slashes at the dog’s nose with extended claws, but the canine does not flinch or withdraw.

DOG: Amarok feels no pain!

The dog turns slightly, lifts its leg, and pees all over the cat’s remaining breakfast. The cat is momentarily surprised, but does not seem upset.

CAT: Amanyland never cries.


8k guild seals and I got it. Looks like a dust collector tbh.

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Hmm. The damage is mediocre, but it seems like on average the 2% devour chance will be in the 30-40% range. That’s not terrible, and you get more gems if that happens. The problem is, it’s a conditional ability based on whether that devour happens. But OK, it wants to live on a red-happy team. That’s not a big downside.

I like the third trait. Having 2 useful status effects on 4 matches is good. The other traits are just OK. I don’t really see running it Slot 1 as a tank, and I think for the mana cost even slot 2 is dubious. A tanky slot 3 is useful in scenarios I’d rather not be in and are hard to come back from, this guy doesn’t exactly dig you out of a hole.

It’s going to fit nice on some red-generating team, and I’m sure somewhere out there this troop will be the reason why some midgame player can finally beat pet rescues. I’d like to give it a B. I think if its devour chance were more consistently above 50%, I might rank it higher. But there’s probably a solid team out there, and I bet I’ll get hit by it on more than one GW.

Also importantly: I would NOT smooch Amarok.

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This one cost me… 4600 glory keys and about 5000 guild seals. I had very good luck in the last few months so I was either due for a no mythic month or a month where the mythic would cost me a lot of resources. I am glad I didn’t have to go into my gem key stash. That’s not too much of a bright side but it does lessen the sting.

It took 30k Guild Seals.

I just see zero real integration with this guy

I can see a definite use for it in explore 12 and in certain niche teams in PvP.

This looks like a 110% chance to devour?


27 red gems and nothing burning (well it devoured 3 troops :slight_smile: ).


Nope. Don’t see regular value with this guy. I got him cheap and that’s what he is

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688 Gem chests, 3K+ Glory chess, 600+ Guild chests and 2 VIP chests - nothing. Not my day…

I completely agree! I actually really enjoy these small lore drops a lot, and would love for them to even be in-game (maybe give players an additional artifact that includes them all, since artifacts are in the inventory now?)

Only 800 glory keys this time, so pretty pleased all around, even if I never end up using the doggo. Just glad I should have quintuple-digit glory keys for next time, finally, after (I think it was…?) Zilopochtli nearly wiped my resources clean.


I and my guildmates are playing in Korea.
We have edited the troop info screenshot with translated text, and we do this everytime a new troop appears!
This is just for fun but we’re looking forward to play the game in our language. :slight_smile: