A new low for the developers

Playing on xbox here, taking great pride in my Win/Loss record, so much so I still only had 99 pvp losses all time and over 7000 wins.

About 45 minutes ago the game timed out just after I had put another PvP win on the board, upon finally getting back in to the game a few minutes ago, in between it timing out AGAIN, I find I got slugged with a loss despite me last battle being won with all 4 of my troops still alive.

Are the developers of this game simply taking our money and putting it up their noses?

I wrote a support ticket but if they cannot rescind the loss that put me at 100 unfairly today will be the day I retire.

Fast approaching dial up speeds and even faster approaching third world stability.

Thanks for nothing from what was once a fine game and is now just a laundering service clearly where stability and speed no longer matter.

Would think games timing out would lead to an annulment of the battle, instead they just slug me with a loss I do not deserve and my opponent did not even come close to earning.

This probably won’t go down well but they can’t really handle it differently. Gems of War doesn’t maintain a live connection, it’s based on REST services. Simplifying things a bit, this is what happens as part of a battle:

1.) The server sends you the battle setup and expects to receive the battle result as next interaction.
2.) You play the battle on your client. This is entirely offline, there is no server communication.
3.) Your client sends the battle result, a win or a loss.

If you have a bad connection you can usually keep repeating that last part as often as you like, even for hours. If you stop trying to send the battle result and trigger any other server interaction (e.g. indirectly by restarting the client) the server will mark the battle as a loss. And as much as it might hurt it has to be done this way, otherwise players would just restart their game whenever they come close to losing a battle.

They won’t have the tools for that. You are basically asking the plumber to fix an airplane for you.


Congrats on your retirement! Sounds like some bs tho. We will just remember you at 99 losses sound good?