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A little query about Pharos-Ra

I’m a little confused about “give 20 souls”. Does the player gain 20? Or does the player lose 20 to the enemy? Cheers

You gain the souls

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Every match you can gain bonus souls that are added to your rewards. Normally you get 1 soul per troop you destroy. Pharos-Ra adds souls to those bonus souls and interacts with the cap on how many bonus souls you can obtain.

Normally bonus souls are capped at 40. But Pharos-Ra has a +150% bonus to bonus souls, so it raises the cap to 100 (if traited). For whatever reason the bonus is ALSO applied to souls you collect. So if you manage to collect 100 souls, you’ll be awarded 250 bonus souls at the end of the match.

That’s why it’s exciting for soul farming.


Thanks guys. The way it was written seemed ambiguous

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