A.I. is peed off

A couple of night ago I couldn’t lose. Tonight is much different. I been losing to teams that should be no problemo. But…they are problemo. Never ending xtra turns for this fool. Evrytime.

This is a well-known yet highly ignored problem on consoles. Despite mine and others efforts, the devs want to pretend there is nothing wrong at all and continue to ignore us and/or claim they have done “tests” (using the game AI, of course) that “prove” we’re making it up.

Between skydrops forever giving an AI opponent tons of mana, lots of 4-matches to ensure they get extra turns, AND troop powers that you, as an attacker, use giving your opponent 4/5 matches constantly (seriously, I’ve been keeping track, 9 our of 10 times I get screwed, my opponent gets to start his turn with a 4-match, at least), even lesser powered teams can be a problem on console.

But unfortunately, the unanimous response from the devs seems to basically be “Suck it up, buttercup”

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Either provide video proof or you’re just beating a dead horse. The Devs have done all they can and have spent a lot of time and money investigating these claims. I’m not saying you’re wrong but if you truly want to help fix the “issue” then don’t just whine and complain, help out, give them something to actually investigate.

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Oh another Randomizer discussion…

I am sorry, but it’s the same discussion in every game, be it an MMO, something like this or be it a real life game like Poker.
Random is… well RANDOM.
Yes of course it can happen, that you have a single 3-match at game start and the first AI turn delivers 50+ Mana to the opp team. No problem here.
It happened to me 3 or 4 games in a row more than once. Really.
But well… random is random.
Toss a coin a thousand times. It is very well possible that you flip 1000 heads and not a single tail. Because it’s random.

Randomizer does not evaluate like "oh i had 7 purples in the last 10 gems… now its going to be more red."
no. every single gem is a full RANDOM decision of each available color, modified by multipliers like “0.5 for skulls or 2.0 for a single color is a storm is active”.
But still, pure random.

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People are too quick to discard the claims. The A.I. is different on console than PC, it is also different on console than it used to be on console.

It is so evident that it is tangible regardless of what is said as a counter argument. Pharos-ra was in event chests the other week too.

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Ok, so what would you like the Devs to do? They’ve been unable to replicate the issue despite numerous attempts so they can’t fix something that they can’t see. What else do you want them to do?

Edit: not trying to be rude or dismissive; serious question.

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Fix it.

I see 3 options; in order of preference:

  1. Return it to how it was
  2. Make it like PC
  3. Alter the algorithm to prevent the lengthy spells where the AI goes haywire

The accepted solution to number 3 right now is to turn the console off.

What about when the player goes haywire? I know i see it both ways pretty equally


There are 2 Issues that tend to get co-mingled in this regularly scheduled bi-weekly topic.

  1. AI taking “non-optimal” moves resulting in an unexpected glorious cascade like the AI is drinking Mana out of a firehose. (AI Cheating as it knows what’s above the screen)
  2. RNG gems drops from the top favoring the AI. (AI Cheating)

I’ve watched videos that are exclusive to console in addition to the handful that have been posted here. Thus far I have yet to see either 1 or 2 proven. I would gladly entertain any factual evidence of either.

I’m certain of one thing: once everyone is running the Unity version of Gems this will either

  1. Be permanently addressed, if it is occurring
  2. Will become a regular scheduled daily posting

It’s seriously terrible, almost threw my damn controller through the damn T.V.!! LOL It’s so bad that I’ve seen the AI get extra turns on “3-matches”, W…T…F!!! LOL

It is not possible to provide factual evidence one way or the other. The best marker available is by viewing (cue patronising recall bias comments) and it is clear to many that the AI has changed by comparing the now to the before.

I dont mind it much myself though it would be great if it changed. These topics do get taken over by PC players blindly disregarding it though, im not sure why that happens each time.

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@The_Unforgiven i play on both mobile and ps4 (although admittedly mostly mobile) but i dont see the difference in lucky skyfalls…

Just my observation


That is different to what I generally see and hear. What level are you each device?

Mobile level 600ish ps4 level 100ish

There’s something amiss when you explode a column and every single gem dropped in except for the bottom one, is the same colour. This happens far too frequently and I totally understand the frustration that IS felt by many of the console players. It seems to only have started to happen after we were given the ability to customise the AI.
Cheers @Graeme

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This is exactly the thing that sets people off, and the video that @RyuuHou24 posted in that other thread was the perfect illustration, but it is impossible to show that it favors the player or the AI more than the other. I agree with @strat that if they port the console code over to PC/Mobile when they move to Unity, that things will… get discussed in a lot more detail.


They can’t replicate it because they use the very same AI to do their “test” matches, and then just look at statistics. Then, they just have their fall back claim - “biased recall”.

I’m still waiting on the ability to customise the defense ai on PC with gem priority sliders. :smirk:

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