A gem match or toon that yells Rude!

On stream last night it was mentioned by a few people that we need a voice over of Salty saying “Rude!” in the game. I for one think it is a great idea. I have often caught myself yelling Rude! at the game after watching a stream!!! Salty really makes the streams informative and fun. I love her personality. I have also been very impressed with her dedication to coming in when she is under the weather! Bravo Salty!!!


Well, there’s a story about Sirrian yelling at the toilet seat to record the “booming voice effect”. If i correctly recall it was used in Puzzle Quest. :rofl:

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I remember that story. There are lots of fun acoustic-based stories that you can find if you ask the right game devs. Toilets actually have surprisingly good acoustics. I know the folks over at Jagex used the same trick in the early days of Runescape’s development back in what? 2001? That was a fun documentary.

Same. Also “That’s… No. No, that’s fair.” after being on the recieving end of a massive near-lethal enemy cascade, when I’ve been sitting on my end wrecking face for an hour or two. Also, “Could you NOT?”

I talk to the game a lot…


I do, too, but it’s in language that can’t be repeated here. :smile:


That was Warlords. :wink:


Also true here, sometimes a yell and the dogs run

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Fun fact: I swear like a sailor in real life, and in most online settings, too. One might not even be able to tell that here, because instead of cussing, I just elongate my sentences to give me more time to think about what comes next, instead of the pausing and "um"s and swearing that you’d hear from me in real life.

This usually results in more roundabout and ultimately more thorough explanations of whatever I’m talking about around here, and usually forces me to be far more creative with displays of exasperation or frustration, when a much more efficient f-bomb would sum things up far more quickly. You can probably already see what I mean.

In summary, I got my “tl;dr” title and general reputation for long-windedness because of a unique style of self-censorship.

Also, yes, River. I swear at the game a lot, too. You’re far from alone.


I also use short exclamation a lot when playing a game including swearing. But I also give myself a thumb-up sometime when I get lucky and win in Raid/Invasion. :laughing:

My favorite swearing would be the yelling I do when that angry cat cause an instant dead —> You kill my troop, Ubastat!