A game where Skull Matches don't work [updated]

@Nimhain @Vexx

Nothing happens when the AI takes a match. Nothing.

I have video on the way… the game is still alive if the devs care. I’m not trying to over-inflate the importance of this, it’s probably just a one-off bug, but if that is not the case perhaps there is an opportunity for me to give more insight.

I’ll keep the game alive while I go about my business today. TTYL maybe? edit: nm I must reboot.

I just had a match where there were no skulls on the board for the first 5 turns. Board started with no skulls and none dropped until the 5th turn. I guess that’s a good way to neutralize the enemy’s Wraith! :smiley:


@htismaqe Go and buy a lottery ticket… NOW!

now that you mention it a trait that slightly increases or decreases a drop chance for certain color or skulls would be nice

That was weird. Something definitely wrong with Bogstrider there.

Even when entangled, when matching skulls, it should still do the little animation where the card would move toward your first troop and then bounce back (without flying all the way across to impact your troop). It was like it wasn’t processing the skulls at all.