A forgotten bull?

Randomly browsing through my kingdoms, I found this dude in Wild Plains.

Wich makes me wonder when it’s supposed to get released. I mean, we are currently seeing the end of a Wild Plains event, I don’t expect a new one in the 10 weeks to come, plus we recently had a new Mythic, and I don’t think he is tough looking enough to be a Mythic anyway.

So, when is this dude due and what is it?
Any info?

EDIT : one question solved http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/spoiler-alert-any-details-provided-are-subject-to-change/1280/1955?u=zelarith
Still, when is it due?

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I guess there were some issues with his spell (since his effect is… Kinda new) and it was supposed to come out this week but they ended up having to release it later on (they might gift it, like Rock Troll because of that, dunno)
Too bad for the arcane traitstones though, epics have the best ratios :frowning:

Given the name and spell effect, this one seems like a “mea culpa” troop like Rock Troll. Mechanically there is nothing special in the spell effects to suggest that he’d expose a bug that needs patching. (Rather he represents a bug that needs patching, but I digress…)