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A few words before 3.3

Its amazing that some people wants nerf on troops when their win rate is at 95%+. Soon we will get troops that is immunity to mana drains too, means Famine wont be too much of a treat anymore. One of the most important troops in the game for hindering endgame players to have a 100%+ win rate, along with some dragons, goblins, trolls, Infernus and a handful more. Soon we will have immunity traits against absolutely everything. Extremely strange since it is the last thing we need in a game where most have such an insane win rate. Instead of appreciate that the game have some strong troops that CPU can use and beat us a few times, people wants a game where it is not possible to lose.

In my opinion a game is not only about winning, but also losing. And let me say this, every new addition to this game that makes CPU weaker(in form of troop nerfing/game mechanisms) than it currently is, is a wrong move.


I want nerfs on troops. I don’t think adding immunity to other troops is a nerf though, nor do I think it’s the right way to go. The troops that are too powerful should simply be made less powerful. It’s not because I don’t want a challenge, it’s because I want a larger variety of troops to be viable, and that’s not the case with certain troops dominating a metagame(and immunity traits just make a rock/paper/scissors that doesn’t accomplish this either).

Nerfing troops would have the opposite effect. It wouldn’t increase your win rate, if anything it would decrease the win rate because you can’t use certain overpowered troops to stomp all over everything. A mirror match of overpowered troops favors the attacker(going first), and making troops more balanced overall decreases the number of mirror matches.

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Typically in games like these, there are supposed to be counters to everything. Checks and balances.

If there’s a game mechanic that doesn’t have an answer that is exploited by yourself and your opponents, it doesn’t make the game any more fair to play, unless your expectation of fair is whoever exploits a flawed mechanic first wins.


Whole point was that when win rate is 95% for human, there is no need for immunity traits for everything. For every new immunity trait that enter this game, thus more benefits do human gets in any battle over the CPU, as human can choose and pick whichever troop with immunity traits they wanna use. It indirectly means win rate will go up. I wouldn’t care about if the win rate was 60-70% to have immunity towards everything. Typically in games like these the win rate is not at 95% or more.

I am very happy about the new mana shield and i think it can’t happen too quick, this stupid boring psion meta is there for too long and i hope it gonna kill it for good.
It’s time to use your brain and find something else

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Oh, god forbid… Hope they change their plans and NEVER release a mana drain immunity to the mana shield trait.

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I’m not going to argue with your main point, but the reality is that very few players actually maintain an invasion win rate of 95%. According to GOWDB, I’m the only player in the top 50 on PS4 to do so. On the other platforms, there are more, but not that many. That’s a small sample, but it is a self-selected sample that will tend to favor the most serious and competitive players.

Most of the nerfs that have come have been well thought-out, in my opinion. Keeping a somewhat reasonably power curve is a good idea to me and troops that are too far above it are a problem. I’m not addicted to either Infernus or Dragon Soul, so I won’t be overly bent if they change them or not. Infernus is clearly overpowered relative to every other troop in the game, though.


I agree, I could have taken the % down to 88-90%, but at least you get it. :wink:


I have no idea how anyone can have a 95% win rate in this game it is way to random with the AI to have that be possible imo. I play a lot of PvP and I’m usually playing a team that should have a 95% win rate but end up with a 70 to 80% due to the insane AI cascades and other BS like TDS reviving 8x in a row etc. I’m also assuming you are just counting the invasions and not the defence which brings most peoples win rates way down (mine is 68% overall with defence included over 10,500 matches actually played and 4.7k matches played by the AI which lost 70% of them).
I personally think they need to get some type of avoid X troop filter in the PvP matches as just playing against Psion, Famine meta teams 99% of the time just makes me want to play some other game.

In my opinion hes likely good for CPU as for Human. I am hoping 3.3 will make some forgotten troops useful.


Read the comment above yours. I already said that I exaggerated when it came to the number. However I guess you get my point. Win rate is far too high in this game in general. Human is already too superior compared to CPU, human is also starting out every battle, human have a lot more benefit than CPU when it comes to immunity traits etc. Which generally is my message in the OP. Make more benefits for CPU, not Human.

Yeah, I am only counting the invades, when I say win % is too high.

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I don’t think anyone expects to win 100% of the time that is pretty unrealistic. I think the issue is how we lose and the fact it’s to the same 1 or 2 teams all the time. it’s zero fun to have matches where Ragnagord fill Famine in one cast over and over and you get wiped out easily by the AI with out even having a chance. When I lose it’s usually not even close it’s more like the AI sees I have a 95% win rate and says we want you have a 90% and you’re going to loose the next 3 matches no matter what you do (if you even get more than a turn or two that is). I just think the PvP is unfun and broken in it’s current state. I really hope 3.3 addresses it in some fashion :crossed_fingers:

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CPU is looking a little better than before, as it does not always go for skulls, but can also ignore skulls. Credit to the devs for that. But still a long way to go. What we absolutely not need now is more benefits for Human in gameplay.

Exactly i don’t mind to lose but when you lost cause the AI is ridiculously lucky with the skull cascades and because a troop keep refilling himself even if 3 troops in front of him, just try to use the same team in attack and you will notice you don’t catch same amount of skulls or your infernus won’t refill 3x in a row to kill everyone


It’s not complicate when AI use exploder it look like it activate skulls storm lol

As you probably know by now, if it was not for the lucky cascades CPU get from time to time as human also gets, CPU would have won even less vs. human. Taking away the luck factor from cascades does harm CPU a lot more than Human, because human is generally a lot cleverer when it comes to game play. So imo its not a good idea to take the luck factor away from CPU and Human, because that will give Human more benefits.

Btw. Soon will people that wants to nerf all good troops to have a balance invade this thread. So let me just say something before that happens. If the Devs ever decide to nerf all the good troops, there will be no to little interesting troops in this game, not only for endgame players, but also newbees-midgame players. So think twice before you talk, because if that ever got through half of the player base would had disappeared in less than a week.(this message is not directed to you @Rickygervais)

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I’m not sure if this comment supports or argues against the OP, sorry @Eika! :man_shrugging:

But, my problem isn’t even with cascades persay, but mostly with things with proc rates, like Goblins. I lost a GW match today against a Goblin team where Fizzy and Nobend bounced off of each other… 8 times, 4 casts each. All of Fizzy’s casts were explosions, and two of Nobend were explosions and two were dmg.

I can guarantee that when I use that same team, I would NEVER get 4 Fizzy explosions, and the nobends almost ALWAYS reduce Attack, not the other two.

Do I get cascades of course, do I get crazy proc rates like that… unfortunately NO, and that’s not recall bias… Sorry…


I also get those fatal losses sometimes as you had today against goblins @efh313 . In fact I think most of us have. And it feels like a fist over both the cheeks, each time CPU rolls over you like that. But I have rather accepted them, not only because I also have my damn good moments vs. CPU, and that is happening a lot more for me than for them, but because I do not want a higher win rate than it currently is. Any changes/nerfs to these Goblins and their mechanism would automatically make Goblin team close to useless for CPU.

i have the same unluck as you. I also feel that the CPU always gets devours, death mark kills against me, as well as Fizzbang constantly exploding against me. I have no datas on this, so its only based on my experience tho. But what I want to say is that any adjustments to the luck CPU can have during a match will makes us win even more, so I do rather take it as it is, even if it sometimes might feel unfair. No matter how I look at it as it is Humans is the ones with the biggest advantages, as we always gets to start out every match.