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A few troops has gotten new background on their cards


Famine is one of those. Possibly the other horsemen too. I have also noticed that the Guardians has gotten it, Humility etc.

Here is what it used to be.

I don’t read all the threads on the boards, so forgive me if anyone have posted it/said it before.


Yup, Apocalypse got new art last patch.

I lost some of my PVP tiers!!!

Not a problem anyway, and no, even climbing the tiers again wouldn’t give more ingots, so if this affected more people don’t even bother with that.

they’ve been that way sense 3.5 was released

The Apocalypse troops and the Guardian troops received new background art. I’m pretty sure the Primal kingdom troops also received new backgrounds as well, but I don’t remember without looking.

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