A decent guild?

I have been playing for a while, was in a decent guild but it seems to have fallen off. I find myself Daemon Lord without really trying. I think our founder and Arch Daemon is gone. He hasn’t been on for more than a month. I am not interested in running a guild. I am interested in being an active and contributing member of a decent guild but, to be completely honest , I am not keen to pay-to-win or risk my job to be #1 every day.

It’s a game that is fun, I’d like to keep it that way. I play every day. I hit my 1500 weekly seals early in the week and continue to play for fun and revenge. My guild rarely gets its level high enough to be worth spending seals :frowning:

Level 354
All kingdoms at level 10 all at least 1 gold star power
Income goes to the guild but I am about the only one in my guild.
Not VIP, not planning to be
Gold donated to guild so far: 2,165,557
Trophies: 3,741:
Invite code: Elric 22

I am currently in a guild so I know I have to exit it before I can join another. A poor guild is still better than none at all. I have only recently joined this forum.

If you are looking for a player like me to contribute to your guild, then please let me know and I’ll be happy to move.


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Unfortunately, I don’t have spots available in my guild right now. =/

Just a hint: instead of telling us of your totals, you should tell us about your weekly average (for gold, seals, and trophies), because that’s what really matters in the end.

Hope it helps!

We’d be happy to have you in taxaholic. We’re ranked 262 and don’t expect our guildies to play like full-time employees. I wish I could say we hit 20,000 seals every week but it’s been hit or miss lately so I’m removing some of the cruft and inviting more active players. Let me know if you are interested.

Depends on what You belive is a decent Guild.
We could take You in to our Guild but we are only 14 players atm

We are looking for members at the moment. Currently ranked at 67 let me know when we can invite you.

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Wow. Fast response. I am impressed. My invite code is Elric 22. I just left my guild so I should be good to go.


My invite code might actually be Elirc_22. The underscore is faint and I am pretty sure the codes can’t handle spaces. :-/

Hey, Elric.

Check us out. Semi-casual, VERY active and VERY social Guild:

Let me know what you figure.

Chy’tara/Lysana/Lady Kendra

if you still need a guild, crit happens is recruiting as well.

Thank you all for the kind offers and advice. I found what looks to be quite a good guild which exceeded my expectations.

Good luck all.