A Couple of Invasion Issues

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you all know about a couple of invasion issues, and how we’re addressing them

1. The totals were wrong!
Oops! As a couple of you noticed, we got the totals wrong on the tower kills… it’s meant to be 5,250 TOTAL tower kills to finish the event, not 5,250 for the last stage!
We’re just fixing that, and your progress will update into the correct place automagically

2. Valravens are not appearing in the final stage
This bug crept in at the last minute as we were fixing Valravens replacing Zuul’Goth in the raid boss event.
We have a fix going out for this, where you will (in the final stage) just simply receive the 2 energy if a Valraven WOULD appear… we won’t be replacing towers with it.


I’m gonna go ahead and like this even before he’s finished.


So when it will be fixed please?

Edit: is it a bug also no solo rewards for last stage?

No compensation for the players who already did battles in Stage 8 without Valraven?

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Real soon™ now.

The team is just testing before they deploy… shouldn’t be too long. An hour or two I would guess.

No SOLO rewards past last stage is correct, as it doesn’t technically end at the 65th battle. We might look at changing that in the next invasion though.
As for compensation… .we don’t really have a good way to compensate that right now directly with energy, but we’ll examine another way to get some compensation out.


Ok thank you for clarifications

Have you considered increasing per battle rewards and maybe increasing them as we go?

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A minor suggestion for you: it may seem slightly less distasteful for some of us if you were to use the word “sigils” rather than directly referring to this as “energy”. I mean, we all know what it is, but you don’t have to come right out and say it.


to piggy back on what Stan just said…i remember recently someone posted a quote of Sirrian’s where he said something along the lines of if they wanted to just make money, they would implement an energy system, but luckily the publisher would not force them to do that.

i dont remember where the quote was from and obviously it is not verbatim, i will try and find the quote in order to be more precise…

edit: here it is


You can dress it up all you like but tuna casserole’s still fish and noodles. I’m not sure if using the universe-specific word matters. Nor am I worried about this game implementing an “energy system” where I have to either play 5 games then wait 20 minutes or buy matches. The game economy isn’t set up for that.

That said, raids/invasions would be stupid without sigils. I’d find some “optimal” level, then start playing to kill off the boss/3 towers and lose, then repeat forever. With the right balance you could optimize it and solo your way through the whole thing. Sigils cap your participation and I think that’s a needed mechanic here. In the grand scheme what you “lose” from not going whole hog in the raid shop isn’t as bad as what you lose if you pay for it with money.


I don’t care if they want to implement it but at least drop the ridiculous gems prices i would be happy to encourage devs that way cause gems is the only thing i need but not at this price


Would you suggest they cut it in half… Which would probably double the current purchases?? :grinning:
Idk what Aussies eat… But in the states we have “dollar menus”… That business strategy should be learned from. More often than not… Less is more.


price need to be reduced or gems need to be boosted, i mean for 100$ you should get at least 10k gems, that’s equal 4 tries for 50 vip chests if you vip11+


I don’t want to go too far into economics, but I have to think the market in F2P games doesn’t map well to the fast food market. Purchases in games are probably driven by a very different kind of consumer than purchases at McDonald’s. I would love to see a case study of a game with microtransactions and much more expensive ones. To some extent large purchases can be used to drive perceived value for the smaller ones, but that’s a fine line to walk between convincing lots of people that the $1 pack is a good value and convincing the whales that the $100 pack is.

I bought the dwarf and bunny girl avatar to support the devs because gem purchases aren’t worth it for me. I buy the dumb 5$ weekly weapon because there’s nothing else for me to buy.


This is basically me, I spend $5 and $10 at a time and GoW doesn’t want spenders like me. In every other game I’ve played I had interesting choices at those price points.

IMO it sort of adds up but the economics are weird and maybe I’m just hopeful. If the current $50 bundles were $20 I’d be getting 1 a month, that’d be nearly $100 out of me so far and I’d be happy to keep going. Sure, at some point I’d get “too many troops” and quit. But by then the devs would have $300+ out of me. Instead, I’m going to plink away and pay $5 during weeks where I don’t encounter a bug because I don’t care about anything at the $5 level. I’m $10 past VIP 3. I have a feeling I’ll quit before VIP 5. I’ll have played the same length of time and spent maybe what, $60 on the game?

I sure hope there are a lot of whales or idiots for every me, but actually I don’t.

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There are way more Whales than I expected as I believe there are 20 plus folks that are VIP 20 which is around $8,300 USD! I would wake up with a knife in my body somewhere unpleasant (put there by my wife ) if I spent that on a game lol


This is average 345$ every month during 2 years

The “dollar menu” idea works for fast food only because most people who make those purchases also purchase a soft drink. The markup on a single soft drink at the average fast food restaurant is about 300%. Gems of war has no equivalent to the 300% markup.

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Anyone know if it’s fixed yet? I can’t check by myself i will be home in couples hours