A casual observation [to Developers and Producers]

From what I can see, half of the topics updated or created in here are guild recruitments.
A whole bunch of the rest are complaints.

Which together combined is a clear indicator of what’s happening.

That being said,
I’d like to dedicate this topic to discussions about possible outcomes of this path the game has found itself on and ideas on

What would you change (or fix) if you could only change one thing.

Even if forums are a limited part of the community, I think it is a valuable sample to the developers and producers, as its obvious a lot of wrong choices have been done by them even though the feelings are directed towards developers (which might only be following orders).
So, what is the most essential change you’d like to see happen?


A single thing for me, bring back the pre 3.0 patch GoW.


As broad as this suggestion is - I cannot disagree.
… I liked GoW somewhat more, before.

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only one thing huh?

  • id balance gw rewards, so its more fair and more enjoyable for all participants, not just bracket 1

but gow actually need more changes then just 1 thing…

  • i’d tune down cascades even further, there is nothing more frustrating then loosing doe to rng

having those 2 done, i’d rework/add gw defense and pvp defense incentive mechanisms that would automatically block(not literally block just convince ppl to decide it on their own) “meta/op” units like wisps from staying on top for too long (by making the rewards offered for fiending them diminish)

after those 3 are solved i think game would start doing pretty good, then we can work on the dungeons…

Why? I think the only major change from 3.0 that affected me was the Soulforge, which is a bunch of free stuff every week. I’m pretty pleased with that.

The only big issue for me was the cascades, and that was fixed with the hotfix.

Yes, the game is still in an awful place in terms of the meta, but that was going on before 3.0.

The biggest improvement I’d like to see: I’d like to see PVP defense teams with more varied troops. Getting really tired of playing against the same Kraken/Mab/Wisp/Troll teams again and again.


I would like to have more varied teams in PVP, it gets really boring for a semi-hardcore player if you can count how many times you beat certain people / teams, I mean there has to be someone else for me to play besides the same 10-15 people.

The real problem is the resource nerf and on gems, event keys and Lts.