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A back button on spells

would it be possible to have an uncast option on target troop and gem target spells. several times i hit cast on a troop only to realize the spell will have no effect or no good out comes it would be nice to have the chance to make a different move in these situations please


No its not possible and it would horribly break the game if they tried. Gards avatar with unlimited armor from cancel casting.

why would it have unlimited armor from the same turn? uncasting just meaning you make a different move instead of being forced to choose a gem to convert or a troop to hit because it means certain death like a back button like trying to cast maw just to realise before you hit a troop every enemy is impervious is just plain stupid waste of a turn

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Just be careful on what you cast.

Not every troop cast involves choosing a gem or troop, some just heal or hit random enemies, without having to select anything.
I agree it would be convenient, but it would bring a LOT of bugs with it.

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To be fair pretty much every update does that :roll_eyes:


because avatar’s 3rd trait will take effect when you press cast button,if as you Wish add a regret button then use it,avatar’s armor amount haven’t to restore the original state. so you can Repeat this operation to max avatar’s armor. That’s what I understand. :grin:

yea but its possible to make it so the turn never even happened like a restore to previous action button like you can do on the paint program itll restore to the previous step as though you never did it in the first place you know what i mean?

Lets also add a rewind button and an auto win button… sheesh!

What doesn’t bring a lot of bugs with it…

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Absolutely against this. This game has gotten RNG-heavy enough as it is. There should be at least a minimal amont of thinking involved.
I make mistakes constantly.
I forget about Stealthy traits on enemies all the time (Hi, Fizzbang!).
I tend to misjudge even after careful checking before activating a converter if I will get a 4-match (Hi, colorblindness!).
I sometimes am just dumb and click on the wrong spell (Hi, muscle memory!).

But to me, this is part of the game. It’s like in chess - you can take your time deciding on your move, but in the second you touch whatever piece you wanna move, you have to stick with that one. And if your decision sucks and it turns out that your opponent in chess can then take your queen out of play, well, too bad, I doubt they’ll say yes if you ask them if you can undo your move.

This game is already very player-friendly, despite what feels like a million people here shouting that the AI cheats. You always get first turn - and that is not normal; there’s a lot of games having a random coin flip at the start - the AI can be skullbaited and just does dumb things a dozen (Hi, AI-Aurora, good job spawning the gem color no one on your team needs!).

If you want to play a game where you don’t have to make even a single bit of effort, there’s a lot of MMOs with automated combat or Window’s Spider Solitaire.


There’s a difference between a “cancel” button (like, if a spell is awaiting targeting but then you change your mind before selecting a target), and an “undo” button - which basically seems to be what you’re asking for here. I’m strongly against that (plus, it would be a huge amount of work so I can’t imagine it ever happening regardless).

If you cast a spell, see what happens, and then decide that you didn’t like the outcome, then learn from it and don’t do it again next time. There doesn’t need to be a “rewind time and let me take a do-over” button.

Like the old saying goes: “Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.”

im not asking for an undo the move button im asking for a cancel button before the out come of the move like as soon as you hit cast you have to choose the gem or troop you should be able to not have to when you hit cast and at that point you notice oh dang i cant turn browns into a 4 match or devour any troops on the board but when you hit that cast cancel its like you never hit cast so the gards avatar doesnt “get infinite armor” like it only pops up on the choose a gem or troop screen and never any other time