8th Anniversary on GW - How many of us are still here?

Today is my 5th anniversary in GoW.
5 years for which I should thank the devs for giving me so many hours of fun and the possibility to meet a lot of wonderful people.
Thanks to all those I met in this long journey, to all the amazing guildmates I’ve had in all the guilds I’ve been, to those who agreed and supported my battles on the forum, to those who disagreed and even to the ones who hated me… we all need some enemies :wink:

I was wondering: how many of us, elders from the first era of the game, are still here and playing? I know that Sammy got back some months ago.

Devs, you should really award us ancient players with some specially dedicated title in-game!

EDIT: 6th anniversary!
EDIT: 7th anniversary


Not quite sure exactly when I started playing but I bought the Starter Pack on Nov 15th 2015 and Joined forums on Dec 17, '15

You know your an old GoW player when…
You remember getting your Sammy (No, it’s not food, nor is it dirty)


4 years and 1 day for me. My beard is looking a lot better today than 4 years ago.


Does PS4 count? If so I’m still here, got the game the first week it was out on PS4! :smile:

P.s. I know @Graeme’s an ancient too. :smile_cat:


I started the game on my birthday in 2016. I still remember when I made my “Sammy”. I suppose you know you are an OG in the game if you know what making a “Sammy” is. :smile_cat:


I started in February 2015.
Unfortunately Mr Sammy’s come back lasted only a few weeks.

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Same Club, founded PS4 guild Trophies.de on (PS4) Day-One. Still here and having fun!


Damn, I’m starting to think to be the oldest…

Finished the tutorial on June 1st, 2016. Didn’t join the forums until much later, in (January 2018) after a break from the game.

Looking for 2014 members. Please, tell me I’m not the only survivor :skull:

I think @esslee has been here since the beginning (or near enough) and definitely still going strong. :smiley:

Yes @SpaceOddity (and @madking ) - from day in 1 in 2014 here :tada::partying_face:
And have played every single day of the five years !
(Does that make me a sad person ?)


I started in 2015 and have played every day. 5600 hrs of game play accumulated .

Yes! Another 2014!


Tutorial Unlocked 26 Nov, 2014 @ 8:46am



I think May will be five years for me.

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Still here.

Aren’t you fairly new? At least to these boards?

Unlocked my first achievement (I play on Steam) on 01/18/15. :+1:

My favorite alt, aka @Sirrian, was created in 2014. Does that count?