840 Looking for a Guild

Hello all!

I am looking to join a reasonably active guild on the X1 that will take me in for awhile. Below is what I can easily do per week. I am not actively PvPing but sign in most days.

Level 840ish
15-105 Seals per week. (all sign-ins, no battles)
100,000 Gold contribution per week.

If you can handle a Gold only guild member get back to me.


I’ve sent you an invite to Marcus_22, if you’re still looking. We’re an active guild, that’s pretty low maintenance, but looking for active members. The guild name is joloben

It says you’re already part of a guild btw. Let me know if you’re still looking.

Thanks! When I posted that I was swapping between casual guilds while ‘inactive’. But after the 2.2 update I’ve actually been playing a bit so getting the 1,500 Seals is no prob. I rejoined my old guild just a bit ago.

Good luck.

You still looking