7.1: Stats are easier to see (thank you) but fugly (please murder the font)

The new font for stats during battles is terrible. It’s thematically out of place and looks lile crap. Can we go back to the old font please, just at the new larger size? That’s all we needed.

If the old font is too hard to highlight appropriately for visibility, there must be a better one.

If it’s relevant, I’m playing on iOS.

Also the missing troop graphics are still missing.


Would it really be so hard to give us an option to choose in graphics settings, this hideous font for people with poor vision and the previous one for the rest of us? And for god’s sake give us the option to turn off mana numbers like we used to have, PLEASE!!!

If this was a properly designed game, there would at least be an .ini file where we could modify these cosmetic settings ourselves.


I’ve got eye issues, not really poor vision as I’m only slightly short-sighted and I should see text up close well - and I normally do. But astigmatism is in the mix as well (which means that thin straight lines aren’t exactly fully straight to my eyes, and bright and light colours on darker backgrounds have a glow/rays sticking out of them, giving e.g. car tail lights at night a ‘halo’ around them.). All I see on the new atrocious font is a blur of 3 digits together, because the green “glow/halo” that I see on the bright green numbers with dark border due to astigmatism flows over the black border and joins the neighbouring digits, making two-three numbers blur together. I can see them clearly, but I need to squint / and or specifically focus, NOT easy to read quickly and comfortably. And as I said, my vision isn’t that poor! I dread to think what people with bigger problems must be going through now.

This font is BAD and hard to read, end of story.

I was starting to get used to the tiny font in 7.0; wasn’t perfect as it was so tiny, but at least individual numbers were visible. Now I’m back to “I don’t know what I’m looking at, all I see is a blur”. I’m looking at the right places on the tile, but I can’t see the values.


The line weight of a font is a “Goldilocks zone” matter.

If the line weight is too thin, text becomes difficult to read relative to the background it appears on.

If the line weight is too thick, text becomes difficult to read against itself.

The “just right” zone is somewhere in the middle.


Indeed! But God forbid they test it or get feedback first.