7.1.5 Hotfix

Hi all,

For those with an eagle eye, you may notice the update to version 7.1.5 tomorrow (Wednesday) 5pm PST.

This hotfix only contains missing art for unreleased Troops.

It will be going live on all platforms except for Switch.

Switch will not receive this hotfix as the fix is already in version 7.1 for you!

We have not forgotten the other bug reports and continue working on bug fixes for version 7.2 and beyond as part of our regular development cycles.


Is it alright if I ask if there are any future plans to fix daily deals? (This issue has been brought up before, but many of us have not forgotten).

With the new merchant and angel system, daily deals are practically useless for kingdom progression, unless you want to overpay.

The infamous “kingdom helper” daily deals that offer ingots or an event key are meaningless. We do not need ingots. We have plenty. We do not need an event key. We need the weapon(s) we are missing.

If the kingdom helper daily deals were restructured to offer colored deeds associated to the kingdom, missing weapons, or even writs, it would at least provide us with a small step towards actually making progress. The randomness and boredom of spamming explore 1 for merchants and angels feels like a temporary fix to the real problem–we need an easier and more reliable way to obtain deeds for kingdom level upgrades from 15 to 20.


Any other additions coming to 7.2 such as being able to purchase the Exalted Pass+ on Consoles maybe at a discount for compensation. Or maybe oh Idk the ability to craft specific Gem Dragons, now that more Doomed Dragons are on the horizon?


Does this update include another underspire reset?


Please don’t say that :scream:
Don’t tempt fate :joy:

With the new willingness to make adjustments on existing features (most visible in the changes to trial teams), is there any hope, that some day Wind Tunnel will be removed from the level I pool of delves?
I know, you have stopped including level I rooms after the first few delves for exactly the reason, that players should not encounter this one anymore, but it is still there in three of the early ones. And this is still the only fight, that is guaranteed to mess you up right at the first enemy turn (unless you artificially extend the fight).

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Just want to repeat and emphasize this. With the game being so many years old now and many players on higher levels they DO NOT need gold, souls, keys, ingots, traitstones etc. No one takes these daily special offers.

They do need Imperial Deeds, Books, writs, deeds, diamonds, missing weapons, missing special event pets, some medals maybe.

There are 30-something kingdoms and from what I hear they can hardly get 1 kingdom leveled up to 20 due to scarcity of books.

Endless playing and not making progress anymore is a major cause for leaving the game.

Thank you


@RiverWarlock I have 5 kingdoms level 20!

Great! After how long?

And I see there are now 37 Kingdoms - so have you calculated how long it will take to get the other 32 to Level 20?

Also do you play full time or as a hobby? How much time in general do you spend on the game? And money?

Not to be nosy but I need to calculate my future moves and whether I will be able to play the game or have to rather quit at some point.


Only 32 to go, maybe you are done in 2037 or 2039 after you have dedicated all your life to GoW. :sweat_smile:


I’m sure he buys every possible offer including the 300 gem ones from daily offers


I’ve been on the Switch since the game was released, I’m VIP level 8 and I play for 5-6 hours every day Explore 1.My level is 1771




“I’ve been on the Switch since the game was released, I’m VIP level 8 and I play for 5-6 hours every day Explore 1.My level is 1771”

Thx that is a lot of time and many years…for just 5 kingdoms…5 hours a day for 8 years would be 14 600 hours or 608 full days…congrats on spending almost 2 years of the last 8 just playing GOW. I think it proves the game does not give enough deeds and books to make any real progress after mid levels…say level 1500 max…that is probably the point at which most quit.

Oh wait…game release was 2014 not 2016…even worse.

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Sorry to throw your math off, but the Switch version of Gems of War released much later than every other version. The merchant feature is also a pretty “recent” addition to the game as well.

You’re more or less better off calculating from day 1 Merchant, because anything before that added very little to any sort of progress.

Books are currently still a terrible system though and so is the “it’s okay if somethings aren’t completable” gameplay design that some people love to make everyone else suffer in. It usually just leads to half-hearted laziness in gameplay design because there’s no incentive to balance it, make it remotely fun, or even expand on it.


Gems of war Switch release dat. 26.03.2019


I’m on iOS and still missing all the same graphics I was before, including this week’s glory troop. 7.1.5 did nothing to fix it.

At least we know that 7.1 is coming…

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I made 3 posts on missing tarot cards, a missed legends reborn event for Adana and an ETA on 7.1 for us poor, neglected Switch users.

I guess it’s 1 for 3 stepping up to the plate I guess? That’s a good batting average, but it’s horrible for real issues like this.:rofl:

There’s always next week I guess. The list of issues for Nintendo Switch keeps piling up, and at this rate, I’ll be dead before we see any of those 32 paid for only kingdom weapons that impede our progress.